First Look at Tollywood Kolkata Bengali Movie PHIRE ESHO TUMI (2012) and Music Launch Report

Kolkata Bengali Movie 'Phire Esho Tumi' Still
Bengali Movie 'Phire Esho Tumi' Still

Calcutta, March 2, 2012 (Washington Bangla Radio/Penning Creations) Music is a language that is known to traverse boundaries and unify people of all ages, religions and castes. And when it comes to the Indian film industry, music is an element that just cannot be avoided and segregated from the plot of a film. Such a concept may baffle the foreign audiences, but it is a tune that all Indians sway their heads to.

Kolkata Bengali Movie 'Phire Esho Tumi' Audio Songs / Soundtrack OST Music Launch
Phire Esho Tumi Audio / Soundtrack Music OST Launch

This is a reason why music launches of Indian films are greeted with such anticipation and attract the who’s who in the industry. The music launch of Phire Esho Tumi featuring Ashok Bhadra’s compositions hoping to woo audiences at the Soho Nightclub on the 1st of March, 2012 was no different.

A star studded event, it brought out a music package that can be called as a blend of almost all the flavors of music. All the credit goes to Music Director Ashok Bhadra who has ensured that the film stands out from the rest in terms of its music.

Phire Esho Tumi is a commercial film that revolves around a very modern issue that plagues the present day society today. All the action is centered on a singing bar in Central Kolkata that features girls from poor families compelled to earn a living by signing songs, dancing in lewd costumes and above all entertaining the customers who frequent the pub.

The bar runs under the ownership of a local MLA and political leader by the name of Mr. Ranjan Sen who keeps a sober and clean profile during the day but changes perceptions at night. Shree, a leading singer at the bar, falls under the red eye of Mr. Sen and tries desperately to get out of his grasp. Meanwhile, she makes an acquaintance with the bar driver Rahul. The second half of the movie goes on to show whether Rahul can save Shree from the grasps of Mr Sen.

The music launch was attended by most of the cast that included the likes of Badsha Moitra, Dulal Lahiri, Mrinal Mukherjee, Anup Sharma, Vivek Trivedi, Meghna Halder and Shakuntala Barua. All of them attributed their contributions to the plot of the film that has been defined to be very different among the new age movies that are releasing every year. They also added that the music of the film has been designed in such a way that it gives a refreshing feel to the audiences who would be coming to watch the movie at the theatre.

The song list contains a romantic melody, a few item numbers (impertinent for such a plot) and two peppy songs thus ensuring a unique blend of new age songs. The songs have been composed in such a way that they fall in perfect synchronization with the plot of the film. Having come from a renowned music composer such as Ashok Bhadra who has scored music for films such as ‘Amar Protigga’ and ‘Janmadata’, the music team of the film believes that the songs would be very well received by the global audience. Penned by Gautam Susmit, Subhash Bhadra and Monojit Goswami, the lyrics haven’t failed in getting the mood right. And, with the likes of Jubin Garg and June Banerjee, lending their voices to ‘Phire Esho Tumi’, it can be expected that the tracks find yearning ears sooner than later!

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