Interview: DOLON ROY - The Remarkable Character Actress of Bengali Cinema on her new movies

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Bengali Actress Dolon RoyCleveland, Ohio, March 1, 2012 (Washington Bangla Radio) In the glitz and glamour of the Bengali movie industry, most of the limelight is often (understandably!) hogged by the leading actors and actresses. However, the character actors often turn out to be the true unsung stars in movies, propping up films with their honest and sincere performances. One of the most popular and accomplished character artists of our times, Dolon Roy, chats with WBRi correspondent Arijit Chakrabarty in a brief audio interview. In a candid interaction session, Dolon Roy reveals more about her roles in ‘Zameen’, ‘Charulata 2011’, ‘Macho Mastana’, her future projects and much, much more.

With Dolon Roy being one of the busiest actors in the Tollywood industry, it was indeed commendable on her part to have been able to take out time for a chat session at the studios of WBRi. The interviewer thanked her on this regard. The actress also displayed her pleasant disposition, as she exchanged cordialities with the show host.

Bengali Actress Dolon RoyThe interview started off with Dolon Roy being posed questions about her upcoming films, ‘Zameen’ and ‘Charulata 2011’, both of which are scheduled to release in theatres on the 2nd of March. Speaking about ‘Zameen’, Dolon said it was a ‘different’ film, which delved deep into the contemporary societal problems and political issues that plagued West Bengal in the present day. Praising the way in which the movie had shaped up, the actress referred to ‘Zameen’ as a film that sought to convey a rather complex topical message to the viewers in a relatively simple manner. The strong storyline of the movie helped a great deal too, Dolon Roy added.

Elaborating more about her role in ‘Zameen’, Dolon Roy said that she was essaying the character of a revolutionary lady in the film. Dolon quipped that, any revolution that is headed by a woman generally becomes highly successful and the same was the case in ‘Zameen’. Her character spans a total period of 13 years in the film, starting right from her marriage (at a young age!), to the birth of her child, till the stage where her son had already become established in life (and she had grown into an elderly lady). In effect, ‘Zameen’ featured the journey of Dolon Roy’s character, from a simple and straightforward young woman to a mature lady, who had witnessed several big changes in life.

The conversation then moved on to the other (and bigger!) release of the week, ‘Charulata 2011’. While Dolon Roy categorically stated that her roles in this film was totally different from that in ‘Zameen’ (thereby ruling out any comparison!), there was one basic similarity between her characters in the two films. In both the movies, Dolon’s role featured a profound love for her child (as is, of course, expected from any caring mother!). In ‘Charulata 2011’, it might initially seem that ‘Dolon’s character is only hankering after more money and wealth, but, later on in the movie, it is revealed that, the financial opulence that she was craving for was all for her kid, so that the latter could be brought up in the best possible manner. Similarly, in ‘Zameen’ too, ‘Dolon’ plays a strong-willed woman, who is prepared to stand up and fight against the society to ensure that she is able to hand over her family property and land to her offspring, as and when the latter manages to find a solid footing in life. According to Dolon, the wish to provide something of value to one’s own blood was the sole common feature between the characters she was portraying in ‘Zameen’ and ‘Charulata 2011’ respectively.

The discussion next moved on to other movie commitments of Dolon Roy. The actress revealed that she would also be seen in a key role in ‘Macho Mustana’, which would be arriving at the theatres on March 9. Here too, Dolon will be playing the role of a strong-willed woman who is, at all times, ready to fight against societal corruptions and underhand activities. Describing the movie as an ‘out-and-out commercial film’, the actress jokingly said that her character would be saving the ‘hero’ of ‘Macho Mustana’ from several tricky situations in the movie.

Speaking of her other upcoming films, Dolon talked about the comedy flick, ‘Ghente Ghaw’, which is expected to hit the screens in April. The actress described the movie as a fun and entertaining flick, with an underlying message for the viewers. Also waiting in the pipeline were two other (and more serious!) movies, ‘Antar’ and ‘Anubhob’.

The converstation drew to a close with the interviewer thanking Dolon Roy for being able to accommodate the interview session in her tight schedule. The modesty of the actress shone through as she sought the blessings of all listeners for the success of her upcoming projects. Dolon also said that the way in which WBRi managed to keep track of all the happenings about the Bengali film industry was indeed wonderful!

Here’s wishing Dolon Roy the very best for her forthcoming movie ventures. Given her considerable acting prowess, cinegoers have every reason to believe that her characters would surely be memorable in the movies that would release over the next few weeks!

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