Sahara One MATA KI CHOWKI TV Show Takes Eighteen Years Generation Leap

Mumbai, Mar 31, 2011 (Washington Bangla Radio / PRLog) Since its inception, SaharaOne’s ‘MATA KI CHOWKI’, has embarked on a journey for the restitution of goodwill. The story revolves around Vaishnavi, an orphan girl, an ardent devotee of Mata Vaishno Devi. Actively involved in preaching about Mata, singing Jagratas, and motivating people to follow the preachings of Mata, rescuing people from pain and misery, are all seen as miracles by the masses. Vaishanvi’s faith in Mata sees her sailing through every possible hurdle that life throws at her, while at the same time her good deeds towards enlightening the masses raises her divine personality amongst them. Vaishnavi’s daughter Sakshi also follows her mother’s chosen path as she battles the evil Sheel Kumar. With Sakshi giving birth to two daughters, the battle of good versus evil continues into a new generation.

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In the story till now, Sheel’s gameplan has succeeded. Sakshi has given birth to an evil baby girl who is taken away by Sheel immediately after birth. However, all is not lost as Durga had split the evil in the womb and created a divine child to balance the evil child! Just as Sakshi is not aware that an evil child has been born from her womb, Sheel is also not aware of the birth of the divine child. Narad and Nriti pose as Durga’s parents and take Durga away as her task on earth is over with the evil posing no threat to her devotee Sakshi for now. At the same time, Sheel is waiting for the evil baby girl, Nisha to turn 18, so that he can tap her evil powers and become even more powerful.

Starting Monday, March 28, the story of “Mata Ki Chowki” takes a leap of eighteen years. The girls grow up. The divine child Asha is with her mother Sakshi and the evil child, Nisha with Sheel. As Nisha turns 18, Sheel wants to use her evil powers but finds out that Sakshi had also given birth to a divine child with Durga’s intervention. He realizes that the evil powers would be of no use, until the divine child, Asha, is killed.

In the Tekriwal house, life for Sakshi and Asha is an ordeal with Bali in prison and the torment of Manorama. Meanwhile Sheel returns with Nisha to the Tekriwal house with an evil motive as Nisha also starts staying with Saakshi and Asha.

The battle of good versus evil continues!

Watch the battle of good versus evil between Sakshi’s divine child Asha and her evil child Nisha raised by Sheel Kumar in “MATA KI CHOWKI” Every Monday to Friday at 10.30 p.m only on Sahara One.

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