The upcoming movie `BOL' makes you think about society and individuality

Mumbai, March 31, 2011 (Washington Bangla Radio / Kreation Guru) `BOL' is one of the movies that tell the story of present era. It is highly awaited by elite viewers and is due to be grandly released on 20th May 2011. This beautiful movie is directed by novel director Shoaib Mansoor. The music director's are Shoaib Mansoor, Atif Aslam, Sarmad Ghafor and Sajid Ali. The lyricist's are Shoaib Mansoor, Imran Raza, Ayub Khwar, Sajid Ali, Ali Moeen and singers Atif Aslam, Ahmad Jhanzab, Shabnam Majeed and Sajid Ali. The cast and crew are Atif Aslam, Iman Ali and Mahira Khan in addition to Humaima Malick, Shafqat Cheema and Manzar Sehbai.
This movie is truly the roller coaster of high emotions. It even carries the efficient subtleties that will make heartbeat of viewers to stop. This film is attractively shot in crowded and magnificent Lahore's heart. It is a story that integrates a house which is full of daughters. Though this movie on one side incorporates the full vibrancy of family members sported with their day to day life activities but on the other side it promotes the high restrictions that are prevailed on their blooming.
This movie is considered as the most effective one in gracious world of cinema to basically question real worth of individuals on the globe. It could be a woman or even an individual who is primarily born with a defect. This movie greatly questions the authorization for producing siblings into world without even either considering the integrated necessary responsibilities or acknowledging their real worth.
`BOL' is determined to take viewers to the journey of life of a family who on one hand are having troubles, sufferings and are trying hard for resolve and achieve high points on the other hand. As family members are trying to resolve their problems but unfortunately the destiny is impelling them to face more and more complicated issues. The complexity of these troubles is compared to struggle of life and death for family members.
Humaina Malick, after achieving tremendous popularity in small screen was selected to play on big screen for first time. She plays the daughter who is highly affected by the tensions of family.  Though she respects her parents' norms but she is compelled to rebel for justice by her logic that is intuitive. Atif Aslam plays the neighbour who is enlightened and has two passions, music and next door neighbour's daughter. Mahira Khan is to add not only romance but also melody to movie.
Iman Ali with a completely variable role in this dramatic movie has performed incomparably. She is a courtesan via success standards which her family considers essential and her own desires.  `BOL' is a bold movie. It is second innovation of Shoaib Mansoor to reveal complexities of life. After his immense success with `Khuda Kay Liye' they have proudly achieved innumerable international awards.
In this movie, the life realities are deeply exhibited. There is a relationship web within a warm family who is incapable of making ends meet. On top of this hard poverty line, the father is subjected to set of contradictory values that are normally not questioned.