Interview - Director Sanjay Nag on his film MEMORIES IN MARCH (2010): Rituparno Ghosh's Role is Mature, Focused and Subtle

By Subhomoy Mukherjee

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[Sanjay Nag, Director, Memories In March]Washington, DC, March 30, 2011 (Washington Bangla Radio) Memories In March directed by Sanjay Nag opens across the world on April 1, 2011. Sanjay Nag spared a few minutes for Subhomoy Mukherjee to talk about the film, his background and his experience of making the film which stars internationally acclaimed writer-director Rituparno Ghosh, award-winning actress Deepti Naval and Raima Sen in lead roles. As you will hear in this informal and candid chat in Bengali, Memories In March is a film on relationships about a mother who loses her son and travels to a different city, re-discovering her son in the form of memories of two people she had not known before.

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Subhomoy writes: When Rituparno Ghosh authored the script of “Parapaar” on different angle of relationship, producer duo Mahendra Soni and Srikant Mohta of Shree Venkatesh Films suggested a new innovative film-maker direct a film based on it. Rituparno is a seventeen-film veteran director and almost all his films are on relationship, it would be interesting to have someone else direct a film based on his script.

Coincidentally, around that time, Sanjay Nag, a friend of Rituparno Ghosh and an experienced film-maker with a lot of Television films under his belt, was discussing a script with Rituparno Ghosh to make his first feature film. Rituparno then suggested Sanjay to debut as a feature film director with Parapaar. After reading the script, Sanjay approached Rituparno for playing the role of the central character and subsequently they got in touch with renowned actress Dipti Naval for another important role in the film. Dipti, after hearing the script from Rituparno over phone, agreed enthusiastically.

Actress Raima Sen has played the third central character of the film.

Later Sanjay and Rituparno decided to make the film in English blended with Hindi wherever necessary and the producers Shree Venkatesh Films agreed with the idea. One of the thoughts leading to this decision was that making Hindi and English the primary languages of the film would allow Dipti to give her complete attention to her performance playing the very important role instead of worrying about learning to speak Bengali.

Within four days Rituparno then changed the script from Bengali to a mix of English and Hindi and Parapaar got a new name “Memories in March”.

Music by Debojyoti Mishra is asset of the film and Rituparno Ghosh, putting on his hat of a lyricist, has written some of the songs in “Brajabuli”, the language of the Baishnava Padabali!

Though the film is opening in Kolkata and across the world on 1st April, 2011, it premiered at the 2010 Pusan Festival and has also been screened at quite a few other major film festivals of the World.

The film has also won several awards but Sanjay is giving more importance to audience as people from different countries have already praised the film and they are appreciating the way of handling different aspects of relationships in the film. Sanjay is already pretty well-known in international film circles even before the public release of his first feature film.

Sanjay thanks everyone in his cast and crew for their cooperation and giving him the freedom to handle the film his own way.

We are hopeful regarding commercial success of this critically acclaimed film. We are also ready to greet Sanjay as a powerful director and wish him a very successful journey in the world of cinema.