Bengali Movie Review: Piya Tumi (2011) - Credible performances try to overcome a confusing story

Actress Priyadarshini, Hero Rishi and Director Swapan Saha
Bengali film Piya Tumi: Heroine Priyadarshini, Hero Rishi and Director Swapan Saha

Calcutta, March 26, 2011 (Washington Bangla Radio) Pia Tumi (Bengali, 2011) has to be one of the most confusing films from Tollywood, with excessive drama and absurdities where the audience loses track of what is to happen especially after the first half.

The film begins with the hero Akash losing his father early in life and he growing up to be a criminal , but giving everything up to be a good human being. He takes up a job in a rich businessman’s house as a driver. One day when Priya (the businessman‘s daughter) has to go to college, the car breaks down and he takes her to the college in his own car. He waits for her exams to get over. Later on some goons follow their car and they end up in a forest where the car gets stuck in the mud. They are forced to stay the night at a sort of a hut which is there in the forest. The hero leaves the heroine and goes to get some help. He comes across the goons (his childhood friends) and the first surprise of the film, it turns out that he is also part of the gang!

The interval!

The film commences again and the second surprise – the ACP who is a close friend of the rich businessman Raj Narayan is the ring leader who had employed the guys to kidnap Piya. Now he wants her dead. The others are game, Akash is not so; they all go to Piya and on the pretext of killing her, they jump into a river. They do land up alive.

Meanwhile the ACP wants Akash and Piya at any cost. Oh! One forgot to mention! More surprises - it turns out that Priya's mother who had been in hospital because of an accident had in fact been bumped off by her husband and the ACP and she had also landed at the hospital thanks to them and it had not been an accident after all.

The ACP goes after Akash and Piya as does Akash's friends. Akash is arrested and Piya gets shot accidentally.

After 5 years Akash comes out of jail, but before that he faces the new superintendent, both bash each other, he kills the superintendent and plants the blame on Raj Narayan who also happens to be there! Is this enough?

Unless one sees the film, it is very difficult to explain how many surprises there are in the film. The audience was definitely confused during the second half and that is the worst part of the film. The screenplay goes haywire and the story goes for a complete toss. The film‘s music isn’t too great.

Performance wise, the film is okay. The main drawback is the story and the screenplay. There are no end of plots and subplots in the film, it seems. The film even has a car which has a gas, a stove, utensils, vegetables and what have you in case you are ever stuck in a forest for the night like the couple in this film! HM!

Again an ACP (Assistant Commissioner of Police, only Additional Commissioners are I.P.S.) wears an uniform and call himself a I.P.S when in fact he is not.