Bengali Movie Review: Purnabrahma Shree Shree Harichand (2011) - Firdous and Amrita Chatterjee Deliver Shining Performances

Boroma, Sobhon Chatterjee and the cast and crew of Purna Brahma Sri Sri Harichand

Calcutta, March 26, 2011 (Washington Bangla Radio) The Matua community primarily consists of Dalits (mainly Namasudra) who migrated from Bangladesh. They follow the teachings of Harichand and Guruchand Thakur, have around three million members mainly concentrated in two districts. Harichand is the founder of the sect and is believed to have been an avatar of Lord Vishnu. He is revered to have spread the message of peace and love among people and considered every man to be a human being irrespective of his cast, community, creed and sex. That is also the reason why he created a different sect called the Matua community which considers every human being to be equal.

The film is about the life history of their founder Purna Brahma Shree Shree Harichand. Shree Vishnu is born as Shree Harichand to Jashwant and Annuparna who are very big followers of Vishnu. From an early age he is ridiculed by many, but after people get to know about his magical powers, he is welcomed and worshipped by most people. He is able to spread the message of peace and love among people and considers all human being to be equal irrespective of his caste, creed or social status. Even if he had a few people who were against him, they all become his followers as he wins them over a period of time.

This film is all about love, compassion, equality, humanity and how one particular person wins them over when he considers all human beings to be equals. Even his biggest critics give in to him when he is about to convince them about his magical powers. He brings the dead to life, cures the incurable diseases and no one can touch him or his followers. Such is the power of ‘Hari Bol Hari Bol’ which everyone chants that even the evil are forced to back off after a point .Harichand is a incarnation of Lord Vishnu who also decides that Lord Shiva will be born as his son who will take over his role as the leader of the Matuas and spread the message of love.

Firdaus is very good as Harichand, the lead character. He enacts the role perfectly and it has suited him perfectly. In fact the greatest message that the director has given to people is the message of equality where he has considered every person to be equal by making Firdaus (a Muslim) play the lead role and it has been a very good choice. Amrita Chatterjee who plays his wife is good and the rest of the cast lend good support. The sets are a little too modern unfortunately, but otherwise things are okay. The film is a bit too slow and a little too long, but it is successful in spreading the message that it intended to do-of peace, harmony and equality among all classes of people.