Where I'm From (Poem)

I am from stacks of books,
Sitting on the floor,
Read over twice,
But still more to go.

I am from riding
A bike inside the house,
Around the glass tables
Listening to Bengali fables.

I am from all nighters,
Just a dim light,
Comfy on a couch
With a book in my hand.

I am from my friends,
Giggling and gossiping,
Laughing and shrieking,
Studying and learning.

I am from India,
Culture thick, issues big,
With forts and slogans
Jai Jawan, Jai Kisan

I am from my parents,
"Clean your room!"s
"Go to bed already!"s
And "Have fun at school!"s

I am from myself,
My memories, my bed
My books, my pictures,
My room and my home.

I am me, just what I want to be.