Exclusive! GAANMELA 2011: Bibhu Bhattacharya & daughter Rupsha Release Recitation Album "AMI O AMRAA" (Music 2000)

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[Tollywood Actor and Elocutionist BIBHU BHATTACHARYA]

Calcutta, March 25, 2011 (Washington Bangla Radio) It was the year 1949.

Saroj Mukherjee of Bhabani Kala Mandir was producing a Bengali film titled "MARYADA" in Calcutta with Master Bivu in the lead and Arup Kumar(he is none other than UTTAM KUMAR, this was his second film and he was failing miserably bearing the name"Arup Kumar") in the final cast. The film was directed by Digambar Chatterjee who went onto become the Dean of Faculty at the Pune film Institute later.

Year 1951. Debnarayan Gupta's "BHAKTA RAGHUNATH" was on the floors with Master Bivu in the lead. The film did well, and in the coming years Master Bivu had a string of releases i.e. "NABABIDHAN " directed by Haridas Bhattacharya, "MAMLAR PHAL" directed by Pasupati Chatterjee, "PURIR MANDIR", directed by Moni Ghosh, "AANDHI" directed by Agradoot, "PUTRABADHU", directed by Chitta Bose, "SAGAR SANGAMEY" directed by Debaki Bose and many many other classic hits of the 50's.

This young boy, Master Bivu excelled with each passing year and was becoming a fine actor with natural talent which was quite hard to find.

Acting in many films, tele-serials, tele-films, advertisement films and dramas this young boy turned into a fine character actor in the later years with a bald pate proved himself time and again our beloved Satyajit Ray character "Jatayu" a.k.a. Lalmohon Ganguly, Felu-da's friend and constant companion. Before his biggest hit "BOMBAIYER BOMBETEY" in 2003 Master Bivu, now Bivu Bhatatcharya, portrayed Jatayu in several tele-films based on Feluda stories like "Golapi Muktorahasya", "Jahangirer Swarnamudra" etc,which made him quite comfortable with the character of Jatayu, which Bivu Bhattacharaya played to the perfect 'tee'!

Accepted widely as "Jatayu", with films like - "KOILASHEY KELENKARI", "TINTORETTOR JISHU" and "GOROSTHANEY SABDHAAN", Bivu Bhattacharya is coming in another 'avatar' shortly. He is coming to reside in your hearts this time as a reciteur (recitation artiste) along with his gifted daughter, who's also an actress - Rupsha Bhattacharya.Actually it runs in the blood!!

Before the Bengali Calendar can turn onto the page of it's first month Baishakh, come this 15th of April 2011, Music 2000 will be releasing "AMI O AMRAA" , a CD album comprising of 8 selected classic poems penned by none other than Rabindranath Tagore, in a grand opening at Gaanmela, 2011, Calcutta, Nandan Grounds.

The poems included in this collection are: Ami, Agomon, Kripon, Jonmantor, Prithibi, Duhsomoy, Ek Gaaye and Shubhokkhon!

Three of them are solos by Bivu Bhattacharya, and two are by Rupsha.  The remaining three are combined efforts by father and daughter.

The poems accompany original and indigenous background music, composed by AROOPRATAN, an experienced music composer, proficient both in Oriental and Occidental Music styles; though this album has strains especially of Hindusthani Classical Music, with Sarod, Bamboo Flute, Taar-shehnai, Violin and Pakhavaj with various Percussive instruments creating the hypnotizing backdrop. Ragas like Madhuvanti, Yaman, Kirwani and Khamaj are used in to bring alive the mood of Tagore's poetries. However the real essence of this album lies in the inimitable timbre of Bivu Bhattacharya's voice,and silken prose delivery, which I'm certain will create a new set of fans for "Jatayu", and will definitely bring forth Bivu-da in a new pasture, accentuating a new dimension of this extremely gifted individual, the founder member of "Aikatan" his own theater group, a performer who shared space with stalwarts like Shishir Bhaduri more than once in his career as an actor in his early years. His love recitation grew to a great height when Bivu-da was awarded with the first prize in the year 1963, venue Dinabandhu College,when he took part in the inter college championships reciting Rabindranath Tagore's "AMI"...leaving everyone speechless. You, my dear reader of this article...will be speechless too, when you listen to his rendition of "AMI" in this album "AMI O AMRAA", where the poem "AMI" happens to be the opening track! Grab it the first thing before it hits the racks before GAANMELA, Calcutta.

Voice recorded at M Studios, by sound enginner Mullick K, the album has been mixed and mastered at the Whyte Magick Studios using the latest sound recording software and related equipment.