Mahindra GIO - India's Cheapest 4-wheeler Compact Car Launched in Chandigarh

Mumbai, Maharashtra, March 23, 2011 (Washington Bangla Radio / India PRwire) Mahindra & Mahindra Ltd., a part of the US $7.1 billion Mahindra Group, today announced the launch of the Gio Compact Cab, its next generation passenger cab, in Chandigarh. India's most affordable 4-wheeler Cab has been developed to change the face of intra-city stage and contract carriage travel in India. Equipped with modern & trendy looks, style, design, technology and offering carlike comfort, the Gio Compact Cab is competitively priced at Rs. 1.95 lac (Ex-Showroom Chandigarh, BS3).

The Gio Compact Cab brings all the advantages of a 4-wheeler within reach of the 3-wheeler customer. With the tagline 'Jiyo Nain Andaaz Main', the Gio Compact Cab offers the status, comfort and safety of a 4-Wheeler with 27% higher earnings than 3-Wheelers.

A product which will roll out of Mahindra's plant at Haridwar, the Gio Compact Cab comes with features and build quality otherwise unseen amongst vehicles in the same price category in India. It is the only 4-Wheeler vehicle which can accommodate six passengers other than the driver (D+6). With a 30 kilometre per litre mileage (under standard conditions) plus more passengers per trip, the Gio Compact Cab offers consumers more trips resulting in 27% higher returns than 3-Wheelers. In addition to the trendy styling of the vehicle, the appeal and interiors of the compact cab are a benchmark within the industry.

Speaking on the launch of the Gio Compact Cab, Mr. Arun Malhotra, Senior Vice President, Sales & Customer Care, Automotive Division, Mahindra & Mahindra Ltd., said, "In keeping with our endeavour of offering first of its kind innovative products, we have launched the Gio Compact Cab today. Its development is a result of extensive consumer insight and market study to understand the latent and expressed need gaps of the customer. It is an ideal vehicle for travel intra-city in the stage and contract carriage segment and I am confident that it would be nothing less than a Game Changer for last mile public transportation in times to come."

Mr Malhotra further added," The Gio Compact Cab will not only change the way people look at urban-rural connectivity, but will also redefine specific use in areas like the school children movement segment within tier 2 and tier 3 towns of India. In addition, other segments which will find our vehicle extremely useful include large campuses, resorts and factories that have transportation requirements within their own premises. The Gio Compact Cab has undergone rigorous test runs and has been validated on all requisite parameters and is supported by Mahindra's service network, which is one of the largest and spread across the country'.

Looks and Style

The Gio compact cab has an elegant front central grille and bezel and large car-like moulded bumpers. It has car-like large clear-lens headlamps, stylish side indicators and a trendy instrument panel. It is available in a variety of youthful colours.


The semi forward design of the cabin results in more leg room. The leg room for both the driver and the passenger is a lot more as compared to any other 3-Wheeler. The cabin is also taller and the entry and exit is very comfortable. All these features coupled with adjustable seats, steering wheel and car like ABC pedals, make the drive very comfortable.

The Gio compact cab has a very spacious cabin with adjustable, cushioned bucket seats. Its steering wheel has been positioned for easy manoeuvrability and a small turning radius to take on narrow lanes. Its car like independent front suspension is fitted with McPherson struts.


The Gio Compact Cab has undergone stringent crash tests. Its ELR seat belt (same as in cars) and the Front Projected Nose make it a very safe vehicle. It has an independent suspension in the front and leaf-spring suspension at the rear for excellent handling. Passengers get the benefit of a stable and comfortable ride. The vehicle is equipped with an adjustable, cushioned bucket seat for fatigue-free driving over longer distances. Steering wheel, ABC controls and dashboard mounted gear-shifter offer car like driving controls for safety and comfort.


The engine has been manufactured by Kohler at its Aurangabad facility in Maharashtra. Kohler is one of the biggest engine manufacturers in the USA. Kohler has more than 55 manufacturing facilities, across 5 continents and manufactures more than 1 million engines per annum.

The Kohler engine is a high technology engine with excellent mileage of 30 KMPL and a very good pick up. It delivers a power of 9.1 bhp which is ideal for 0.5 tonne load. It has rigid rear axle suspension with leaf springs. The same design is used in Light Commercial Vehicles and trucks. Due to this suspension design, rear wheels are straight and do not remain at an angle (as in 3-Wheelers).

The rigid axle suspension is also stronger, more rugged and durable. It offers more stable ride for passengers as compared to a 3-Wheeler. The tyre life is also better with this suspension. Both the front and rear of the vehicle have completely different suspension systems. The steering wheel, ABC pedals, sliding seats and the new Kohler engine make the Gio Compact Cab a completely new vehicle.

Value for Money

The Gio Compact Cab gives a mileage of 30 kilometres per litre which is almost equivalent to that of a 3-wheeler and much better than that of 4-wheeler small commercial vehicle. Its operating cost is almost equivalent to a 3-wheeler and is much lower than current 4-wheelers. With a carrying capacity of D+ 6 passengers and its competitive pricing, it offers 27% higher earning to customers and is a value for money product.

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