Saif Ali Khan To Work With Chris Pfeiffer?

Saif Ali Khan To Work With Chris Pfeiffer?

March 22, 2011 (Washington Bangla Radio / Pen Men at Work): Collaboration with Hollywood artists is a common thing now. So when Saif Ali Kan decides to catch up with world stunt champion Chris Pfeiffer, it is sure to be a ‘risky’ and anticipated meeting. Saif, who is set to shake hands with Chris tomorrow in Delhi’s Pataudi Palace says he is bowled over by Chris’ talent and they may consider working together!

Now, we know nothing is sure, and no one is making an announcement anytime soon, but Saif added that his upcoming next will be having some dare devil biking sequences. But for now, Saif has clearly mentioned that it was Saif who had made the wish of meeting him, not the other way round! Big star Saif has become, is it? Or would you say that yet another movie is being ridden on the fame of another foreign artist?

Chris is currently on a ten city tour of India and has raised quite a storm of expectation and anticipation among his fans here. Saif says though it may not be possible for him and Chris to come together and work on Agent Vinod, he will not rule out possibilities of future collaboration. Given that Saif is already in the final phase of shoot for Agent Vinod alongside Kareen Kapoor, we only wish his wish comes true sometime soon!

Till then, watch out for some action in Delhi as Chris and this Nawab meet up for some stunts!

-- Washington Bangla Radio / Pen Men at Work