Prayers for Japan II (Tokyo)

The strict self discipline and Japan’s hi tech infrastructure has prevented Tokyo from being affected by the recent earthquake and the Tsunami. I fondly recall my trip to this amazing city of Asia that can attract anyone from any corner of the World, even though sightseeing is not its USP.

The two famous brands of this country Honda and Sony, reigns supreme in the city and their presence and popularity can be felt when one visits the Sony Tower in the Ginza district and the Honda Welcome Plaza at the Minato-ku region.

There was one more thing that I wanted to see; the statue of Godzilla. We did manage to take a look at this gigantic thing, very near to the Sony Tower. Surprisingly it wasn’t as gigantic as we thought it would be, but it was nice.

The tower was a unique place where we got to see and even touch and play with variety of Sony products. Handy cams, digi-cams, VIAOs, walkmans, play stations, blu-ray DVD players, just to name a few. We could either take the elevator or climb up the spiral staircase and halt at every floor to see the display. We watched presentations on play stations, blu- ray DVD players and even a couple of scenes from the Harry Potter films were screened on an HD screen and the effect were just mind blowing. The best part was probably the energy saving section where the details of all wattage are mentioned for each product and the customer could choose the different combinations for getting the best of energy. Even the new products which weren’t launched were in display. In the movie making department, children could take part in shooting small clips and it was fun.

Our next trip was to the Honda Welcome Plaza. Each of Honda’s latest models are on display and it was a really fun place. We could check out the aerodynamic models and even pose to ride on the super stylish bikes. There is a store that sells Ts, souvenirs and books for car lovers. The best possible thing in the plaza was of course ASIMO (Advanced Step in Innovative MObility) that held its regular shows in the plaza. ASIMO is Honda’s very own humanoid Robot that behaved just like a human being. At one point we thought there was surely someone inside that Robot. He danced, climbed up and down the stairs and did all sorts of things that kept us wondering about Honda’s (read Japan’s) hi tech mind.

The show is for a short while and later on the visitors are allowed to go up to the stage and take photos with ASIMO and even shake hands with him.

Next day we took the fully automatic train to Odaiba, the large artificial island on the Tokyo Bay. The swanky new place is not as happening as it was made to be. Yet we enjoyed the tranquility as we watched the beautiful rainbow bridge and the magnificent Fuji tower.

Spending an entire day there, it was once again time to return to Tokyo for another day of sightseeing.