Payel Kar - The Rapidly Upcoming and Talented Singer from Kolkata: WBRi Exclusive Interview-Feature

By Subhomoy Mukherjee

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[Kolkata Bengali Singer Payel Kar]Calcutta, March 19, 2011 (Washington Bangla Radio) The young and rapidly upcoming Bengali singer Payel Kar from Kolkata talks to Subhomoy Mukherjee in this informal chit-chat. Also listen to a few songs by Payel, including one written by Rabi Guha Majumdar with music by S D Burman.

Payel started to learn Indian Classical Music in her childhood as she was brought-up in a musical environment. One of her first music teachers was the Principal of Bengal Music College, Late Devi Ranjan Bandyopadhyay.

As she grew up, she took her musical lessons from Sanyukta Ghosh in Patiala Gharana and is now taking lessons from Vidushi Subhra Guha in Agra Gharana. Her special interests include various types of Bengal music besides Indian Classical Music.

Payel's first album Gane Gane Aaro Chhara was published in 1994 from HMV, when she was merely ten years of age.

She is much influenced by modern Bengali songs of Kabir Suman, who also happened to be (informally) one of her music teachers. She also received encouragement from Srikanta Acharya. Her second album was published in 1996, ‘Choto Baro Mile’ (Bandhur Gaan) and “Aksathe Banchbo” in 1998, with the lyrics and music by Kabir Suman.

Payel had been a playback singer of the film‘Iti Srikanta’ (Buy Bengali Film on DVD in USA) under the music direction of Bikram Ghosh. The film, based on the famous Saratchandra Chatterjee story, starred Soha Ali Khan, Reema Sen, Adil, Pijush Ganguly, Nirmal Kumar and others and was directed by Anjan Das.

Other than being a profound learner of music, she is also pursuing her research work in Philosophy from Jadavpur University. She has performed in various prestigious musical programmes in Kolkata as well as abroad with equal grace.

Of late, she performed both on radio and television. She has recently been interviewed by Friends FM and on Tara Bangla (Aaj Sakaler Amantrane).