Mouli Ganguly Signs Up With Haranath Chakraborty

Mouli Ganguly Signs Up With Haranath Chakraborty

March 18, 2011 (Washington Bangla Radio / Pen Men at Work): The sultry Mouli Ganguly is getting in shape to finally be an actor again. We will not be rude and ponder over why she was MIA for the past few years! For now, Mouli has got her hands on project spearheaded by an exceptionally talented director- Haranath Chakraborty.

The Kahin Kisi Roz and Raincoat actress has stated that her role is beside Prosenjit Chatterjee and that it was the superstar of Tollywood himself who had put in a word for her selection in Chakraborty’s ears.

And the film, yet to be christened with a name, is not one of the regular potboilers. Mouli said that the film is issue based, where Prosenjit will portray a man who intends to bring changes in the education system.

In recent times, the film Cholo Paltai was based on similar lines and did some good business for the Bengali film industry, brining to people a different genre of cinema altogether. This film, too, is based on similar lines, and given the high at Prosenjit’s career has been lately, it is expected to give a boost to Mouli’s sagging career graph too.

Speaking on the changes she has witnessed in Kolkata, the actress says she was happy to note how the industry has moved forward for the better. Of all things, the actress mentioned that a make-up van facility amazed her!

 -- Washington Bangla Radio / Pen Men at Work