Stone Mountain Park (Atlanta, United States)

Georgia’s Stone Mountain Park is the region’s most visited attraction, a patch of green and is home to the world’s largest piece of exposed granite. Offering a variety of entertainment and recreation for visitors of all ages, we found that there was always something happening at the Stone Mountain Park.

The park’s top attraction is the Summit Skyride. On the way to the summit station is the Memorial Hall where we saw and heard the story behind the Stone Mountain and viewed the items from the world's largest relief carving. From the area outside the memorial hall there is a fantastic view of the entire granite mountain and its fascinating carving, with the stunning blue sky as the background. This massive granite inselberg, which is actually a rocky mass that has resisted erosion and stood isolated, is almost 1686 ft high. Its northeast wall contains a huge Confederate memorial consisting of the equestrian figures of Robert E. Lee, Stonewall Jackson and Jefferson Davis carved on it.

(Stone Mountain)

A high-speed Swiss cable car takes visitors atop the mountain offering spectacular view of the Memorial carving as it moves up. The top of the mountain is beautiful, even though the landscape is tremendously rocky and rugged with rock pools; it was well equipped with restrooms, restaurants and had beautiful charts that described the geological aspect of this mountain. From the top there are amazing views of the Atlanta skyline, the surrounding area and the Kennesaw Mountain and on very clear day even the Appalachian Mountains can be seen.

(Cable Car)

Returning from the mountain we headed for the scenic railroad. Climbing aboard a full size locomotive from the 1940s with open-air cars, we went around on a lively excursion around the mountain, experiencing the beautiful views of the mountain and the surrounding landscape. The train journey includes a narration about the chronological history of trains around Stone Mountain from the mid-1800s, when the rail line was first built at the mountain, and interesting facts about the mountain.

Stone Mountain Park is home to delicious southern style cooking that was available from full service restaurants to quick-service ones. Stuffing ourselves with some wholesome food we set aside to experience the shopping aspect of the park. A variety of unique gift shops featuring handmade crafts and signature souvenirs are available for sale and in the shops in Crossroads several craftsmen created brilliant works of art right in front of us, giving us a sense of Georgia’s history and culture during the 1870s.

(On top of the Mountain)

The 45 minutes’ Laser and fireworks show is the most spectacular thing to watch out in the park. The show started with the digitally mastered new musical numbers featuring well-known themes from Pirates of the Caribbean and High School Musical. The ‘Flame Cannon effect and the Laser Canopy’ was very beautiful that created a ceiling of light right over our heads. Another highlight of the show was when the mountain went dark and lasers outlined the carving and then completed it, bringing the men and horses ‘to life’ on the mountain face. The show is a patriotic tribute to the southern United States and the country as a whole.

A grand fireworks finale accompanied by huge applaud completed the evening and it was time to return home with fond memories.

(Laser and Fireworks)