UTV Bindass Love Lockup - Raja Cheated on me again: Sharaddha Sharma confesses

[Sharaddha-Sharma]Mumbai, Mar 10, 2011 (Washington Bangla Radio, PRLog) This week on UTV Bindass’ reality show Love Lockup Raja Chaudhary seems to have gone all out in expressing his love for his girlfriend Shradhha Sharma. On being asked about his image created and portrayed in the media he promptly responded saying that he has done mistakes but the media has stuck all his doings of past few years and blown it out of proportion to prove him wrong.

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All in support of her man, Shraddha instantly added saying that small petty fights happen with everyone and it’s not like Raja has landed up committed some heinous crime so far. On the first day inside the Lockup when Raja’s parents were brought inside the house to spend some quality time with the couple, it only led to a series of unsettling revelations.

As a surprise a video of Raja’s mother was played where she clearly confessed that Raja’s ex-wife Shweta Tiwari was a far better choice of the ideal woman for Raja. This definitely didn’t go down too well in the current flame in Rajas life and Shraddha in an outrage said that she doesn’t want to be the second choice in anyone’s life.

If the drama on the first day wasn’t enough, Raja’s friend Ritesh entered as a visitor and  hell broke loose as revelation after revelation stirred a rage. Ritesh left no stones unturned on pointing fingers on Shraddha blaming her for several things and went to the extent to claim that Sharaddha was just a nobody before she met Raja. On hearing this Sharaddha went on a temper outburst as she went forward and abused, kicked and slapped Ritesh for such false allegations. When Raja intervened he too was on the receiving end of the Sharddha’s anger and in the whole scenario Shraddha confessed on the show that Raja had recently cheated on her all over again.

What would happen further when the couple is made to face their true feelings and emotions? Will this love survive the bait or will it be a good time to head towards a split up altogether?

Watch this and a lot more this week on UTV Bindass Love Lockup, 5th and 6th March, 7 p.m. 2010 only on UTV Bindass!

- PRLog