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Calcutta, March 14, 2011 (Washington Bangla Radio) Somnath Sen who has directed the film (also written the story, screenplay & dialogue) has made films in the past all of which have a strong social message in some form or the other. Just like his previous films Bela Seshe (which dealt with old age and negligence), Simanta Periye (which dealt with relationship between individuals across the Indo-Bangla border), Ei Aranya deals with the love of one man and in fact the whole community for their motherland which in this case is the forest which is where they live. They try to protect it from the biggest evil force Santosh Yadav who try to finish them off. The story is about how the forest is protected from the poachers and how it can be saved if there are good men to protect the forests.

Bengali Actress Dipannita (Dipanwita) and Tollywood Hero Firdaus

Bengali Actress Dipannita (Dipanwita) and Tollywood Hero Firdaus

Bengali Actress Dipannita (Dipanwita) and Tollywood Hero Firdaus

A still from Tollywood Kolkata Bengali Movie Ei Aranya

Retired school master Ajit Dutta loves the forest, it’s trees and the surrounding areas where he lives. It is probably his intense love for the forests which makes people call him a mad person. He has two daughters. The younger daughter Antara was going around with Bivash, a theatre actor who had tried his best to protect the forests and it’s trees, but his efforts had gone in vain as he had been hacked to death by Santosh Yadav, a poacher who illegally use to destroy the trees by cutting them and selling them off. He had turned out to be the biggest threat. Bikram, the new forest officer comes to town and tries to set things in order. He also wins over Antara who finds him to be an ideal person like Bivash.

Subhash Chatterjee, a regular in all Somnath Sen’s films plays the part of Ajit Dutta. He is seen only in Somnath Sen’s films unfortunately, but he is a good actor and he has acted very well in this film. The songs aren’t great in the film. What is impressive about each film of Somnath Sen is that the social message is strong including this film but somehow it falls short on overall treatment.Dipannita acting is inconsistent and in one particular scene she is constantly shown twitching her eyebrows. Debasree looks a little stiff. There are hints of Sujata (Debasree) also falling in love with Bikram, but that isn’t shown properly. How does a girl from a rural area have a tattoo on her back and on her midriff? This is somewhat shocking! Otherwise Somnath Sen has again made a film centered around a worthy cause.

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