Shoppers' Paradise (Singapore)

Every visit to Singapore triggers off a tug-of-war between the mind and the purse; It’s a pure conflict between passion, obsession on one side and credit cards or cash on the other. No prizes for guessing which side wins.

On my early visits to this city, I somehow had an impression that there was nothing much to be done here. But as years passed and the country becoming extremely conscious of its tourism aspect, Singapore is now a traveller’s delight by day and a shopper’s heaven just as the sun dips.

Our hotel was very conveniently located at Orchard Road, a truly mind-boggling place so far shopping malls and plazas are concerned. The road gets blocked due to heavy traffic and the best way is to walk. The walk could be for hours if window-shopping is the main intention or else every shop will offer a chair to relax for a while and finally purchase something. One more thing that is sprawling in the city is the food-courts.

Shopping around for the best deal in mouth-watering delights is also fun. Orchard road has very fine collection of antiques, paintings, ethnic furnitures and Chinese porcelain show pieces. Since this is a little up market place, prices are also on the higher side but the collections are amazing and the best quality is assured.

The Tanglin Mall is a popular place at the upper end of Orchard Road, consisting of a sports Station, a general store and a food plaza which hosts a fabulous Thai restaurant. There is also a Tanglin Shopping Center, which is an older complex closer to the Orchard Parade Hotel. It houses Singapore's largest Asian antique galleries, photographs, and books.

Orchard Road even hosts one of the biggest, brightest and liveliest showrooms of HMV. Out of the Orchard road scenario is the China town that has shops that mostly sell curios, clothes and furnitures. The Singapore jewellery mart is also in China Town and has very good collection of modern jewellery. Shops selling traditional products such as Chinese herbs, Malaysian and Indonesian textiles, religious icons and the Singapore Handicraft Center are also in this area.

Another very popular shopping area in Singapore is the Little India. Here the Little India Arcade is a complex of prewar shops that houses hundreds of shops and numerous kiosks selling various goods such as flowers, handicrafts, and natural health products. The most prominent and popular shopping destination of this area is perhaps the Mustafa Center. This is the place where one can shop for the whole night. There are loads of things which one would feel like buying even if it is not necessary only being tempted by its unique display.  This store  literally has everything starting from clothes, bags, jewellery, toys, gadgets, home appliances to groceries and bags and baggages, all at reasonably good prices.
With the shopping mindset, we even discovered a decent Bangladeshi restaurant called ‘radhuni’ (cook) very near to the Mustafa, that served excellent rice and fish curry…truly Bong style…bliss!!