Resonant Prose - "Amaar Ami"...

Since he was a mere child he devoted himself to the wondrous world of fine-arts, to be precise the world of poetry and verbalizing them.Pure inspiration came from his mother, which enabled him to cling onto this art-form with more ferocity. His affinity with the prose of Rabindranath Tagore increased with time and the "Pro-Tagore" Culture induced air that hovered all over his house and in the hearts of its dwellers.

He received great support from his family which helped him to dream of becoming a reciter and his shaped his being and taste in prose taking him from one cultural meet to the next, eventually performing all over the country with his resonant voice soothing the ears of his listeners and stirring their very soul, tugging at their heart-strings with mellifluous and heart-warming lines from the prose of none other than Rabindranath. Though he has recited poems by Kazi Nazrul Islam and most of the post Tagore era of poets and poets fo the modern era, I know Samiran-da gets his slice of "everything" when he submerges himself in Tagore.

His latest recitation album - "AMAAR AMI" released by Akash Music which released a few weeks ago, has 16 poems out of which 14 are by Tagore himself. And yes, hands down I declare him a winner all the way, what with the wonderful selection i.e. "Kobi" (Khanika), "Anjali" (Geetali), Pather Shesh" (Kheya) and others gems of Tagore like  - "Ami" (Shyamali) and "Jonmantor" (Khanika); these 2 happens to be the best presentations, I simply loved them!

The intermittent Sitar music (played by Rahul Chatterjee) is very melodious and sounds great at the beginning but becomes tedious later. Since, interspersed in between this album the music of Sitar has been used in some of Samiran-da's recitations in this latest album, the sound of only one solo instrument easily becomes monotonous. Various musical instruments (at least 6 of them) should have been used keeping in mind the essence of every poem, which definitely would have added colour to Samiran da's projest. In this way, the poems would have been more achievable with the myriad sounds of a variety of musical instruments, since each instrument like the Sarod, Sitar, Violin, Bamboo Flute, Percussion, Guitar etc has a distinct and different character of their own, which actually gels with the recited words and breathes life into it from a different dimension.

However, Samiran da's presentation of prose stands out beautifully, I would rather say, that Samiran-da could have simply used SILENCE as a background music in some of his presentations , in some lines. As the film maker of film makers Satyajit once said - SILENCE can be the most resonant and booming background music in a film, if used intelligently... and yes, he was!!! now doubt about that!

I wish Samiran -da all the best for his "Amaar Ami", and I hope that this album too will be fairly noticed like his previous albums and projects (more than 2 dozens) !

Samiran-da, I mean Samiran Sanyal , the reciter learnt his ropes from the eminent reciter Niladri Shekhar Basu, literally a recitation star of the seventies I must say; his untimely death was quite a blow to poem lovers and especially to my dad, Late instrumentalist Batuk Nandy, who was exceptionally fond of Niladri kaku, who taught me the three finger handshake! His own poems struck a match to 'live gunpowder' whenever he recited in programmes public and private alike. Especially I remember his "Hippie Intellectual" and a four line smasher called "Chamchaa"!! I wish Samiran-da will definitely recite "Chowringhee" and "Bagha Bose" (from Niladri sekhar Basu's repertoire) someday. I am waiting.

Recipient of the Kazi Sabasachi Award (Samiran-da also tutored under the legendary reciter Kazi Sabyasachi) by the Nazrul Academy, Churulia, Burdwan in the year 2004, and reciting 157 poems from Tagore's “Geetanjali” with other eminent reciters in a CD project, Samiran Sanyal will go marching on with his poems, his voice eventually pleasing and enriching our senses in the process. His forthcoming shows are in Tripura and Benares, Uttar Pradesh.

Founder member of “Bachik Shilpi Sanstha”, he has also has formed an institution of his own
- “SHRABAN” in the year 2007 especially for the children and the youth alike, concentrationg on elocution.

Today, “SHRABAN” is an organized and noted institution which does experiments in the field
of "Recitation" thus making it popular amongst people that are becoming couch potatoes watching violence, sex, scandals, mindless musical reality shows, concocted news programmes and tear-jerker soaps.

Recitation and prose is serious stuff, and Samiran-da wishes to bring you down the path that is "less traveled", but very much rewarding undoubtedly!