Bengali actress Rupanjana Mitra talks about her films and TV shows : Interview

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Germantown, MD, March 9, 2011 (Washington Bangla Radio) On behalf of WBRi, Soumitra Talukdar talks to Bengali actress Rupanjana Mitra in an intimate and exclusive video interview.

Daughter of Gautam and Sukla Mitra (WBRi nterview), Rupanjana is working in the television and film fraternity since the year 2000. The actress made her debut in the television serial ‘Beauty Parlor’, and then played Binodini in the TV serial ‘Chokher Bali’.

Since 2000, Rupanjana has portrayed more than 60 characters in various television serials, telefilms and films, and has anchored many game shows for popular television channels (ETV Bangla, ZEE Bangla, Rupashi Bangla, STAR Jalsha and more).

Rupanjana has worked with almost all the eminent directors of the industry, and  with all reputed production houses of the Bengali Television and Film industry (popularly known as Tollywood) that includes Ravi Ojha Productions, Shree Venkatesh Films, Jishu Dasgupta Productions, T Sarkar Productions, Balaji and many more.

The actress does not want to be a part of the rat-race and try for the numero uno spot among the stars. She believes in her talent and showcases her skills, and is happy as long as she can keep the artiste within her alive with positive thoughts.

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Rupanjana's is particularly fond of her performances as Binodini (Chokher Bali), Tamalika (Janmabhumi), Taposhi  (Pratikkha Ektu Bhalobashar), Paromita  (Eyi To Jibon),  Lisa   (Ek No Mess Bari), Mita (Jaya), Niki Bose (Tithir Atithi), Anushree (Meghbalika), Mohini (Ek Akasher Niche), Manjari (Khela), Aratrika (Krishnakali Tareyi Boli), Neela (Durga), Shanoka (Behula) and so on. She has enjoyed hosting game shows like Shoshur Bari Bonam Baper Bari, Utsaber Shera Paribar, Nacho To Dekhi and more.

Rupanjana has served the industry for 11+ years with name, fame, dignity and with blessings of her beloved parents, family, friends, colleagues and fans.. The greatest award she ever got in her remarkable and continuing journey, an award which shadows all trophies,  is when a septuagenarian lady wanted to touch her feet with tears rolling down her cheeks for her portrayal of the character of Shanoka in the television serial "Behula" aired on STAR Jalsha, saying that she is the symbol of mother and she could not bear to see her pains in the serial. This incident took place when  Rupanjana was shooting for a promo of Balaji’s Hindi serial named "Tere liye" for STAR Plus at a shooting location at Rashbari Mandir near Belur Math.

In another memorable incident, a middle-aged man who sells newspapers for his livelyhood gifted Rupanjana a newspaper with her pictures in it saying he wished he could give a big award for the role of Shanoka, requesting her to accept that paper instead as his token of appreciation for her performance.

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