Style Statement (Woman Entrepreneur)

 Deepa Patial is a known name today in the fashion world. Her own designer creations 'Dhaani' is a hot favorite among today's youngster's who prefer to look chic and wear trendy yet traditional dresses. Deepa spoke to WBRi about herself and her creations.

1.    Tell us something about yourself.

Vivacious, i love living life to the fullest. Humorous, friendly , outspoken and outgoing. I love, trying new things at my own risk, in short I like spending sleepless nights in trying new adventures, but its all fun and all worth, as I am always learning new things and interacting with people with different strokes.

2.    You have had a wonderful career in India’s leading Private Bank, what made you change that and how did the transition happen?

You need great strength to gather the courage to fight the odds, test the  troubled waters and conquer challenges. I wanted to test myself in something very different in all ways. India has the treasure for all of us to explore in all ways and I selected to explore handicrafts. I was fascinated by handloom cotton, organic block prints, Maheswari cotton,etc so stepped in to explore more in this field. I always wanted to start something of my own and when I started, there was no looking back. I never thought of the result, whether success or failure, it would be my own. If I failed, I would know why and gear up to face challenges; if I won then i would raise the bars of expectations. Entrepreneurship has its own thrill.

3.    What was your family’s reaction to this change of profession?

From a completely balanced life, I was now choosing a path which could even lead me to bankruptcy. I guess it’s human to be skeptical in such a situation and so was my family. Sleepless nights and countless hours of discussion led to everyone giving up on me, to do what made me smile always.

4.    What is the name of your designer collection ? tell us a little about it?

Dhaani HandiCrafts is the name. Dhaani means the light green colour of wheat.. as it looks in fields. Basically it should have the essence of India and earthy in nature. The brand is all about kurtis salwar kameezes, traditional designer wear. We focus on the vivacity of colour, comfort in fabric, comfort in fitting and overall try to enhance the personality.

(Jaipur Style)

5.      How does the entire thing work? How do you design your creations? How was the response to all this? And who are your potential customers?

Firstly we select the type of fabric print example like Kalamkari, Jaipur prints ,Ajrak prints etc., then accordingly design the kurti with standard fitting styles. The overall response for all this has been overwhelming and my potential customers are women working in corporate offices where they need to have a simple and ethnic look. Stylish ethnic wear with comfortable fits and pricing that fits in their budget.


6. How do you feel when people give positive feedback about either your designs or your products? How does it feel to be a successful woman entrepreneur in a country where men still dominate the society in some places?

It definitely makes me feel on top of the world. And it’s a great joy to see satisfied and happy faces of my customers at the end of my day. Nowadays, men do not dominate the society.  Any which ways, for me I am my best critic and competitor. I really don’t bother about being successful, I bother about delivering my best and fulfilling my customer’s expectations.

7.    Where are these designer wears available? How frequently do you hold exhibitions, if any? What is the best way to contact you?

The designer wears are available in my store. I even take orders. I do not hold any exhibitions. My email id . 09819228386.

(Kurti Style)

(Block Print)

8.    Would you like to say something to the readers of WBRi about the latest trend of fashion and style? Is there any suggestion for young women who think it big and would be inspired by you?

You look best when you are comfortable in your skin. Let it be any designer wear, if you don’t feel beautiful you won’t look beautiful. And regarding being an inspiration, I would suggest the young women just one mantra which I have followed as a rule that is to believe in your dreams and yourself.