Bengal Institute of Business Studies Organizes Management Guest Inspire Series

Calcutta, March 4, 2011 (Washington Bangla Radio / pressreleasepoint) Bengal Institute of Business Studies (BIBS) organized Management Guest Inspire Series on 12th February, 2011 at Birla Academy, Kolkata.

Birla Academy, Kolkata was the venue for the latest chapter of the Management Guest Inspire Series organized by Bengal Institute of Business Studies on 12th February, 2011. The Management Guest Inspire Series is a wonderful platform that allows students of BIBS a chance to listen to words of wisdom offered by top business professionals and executives and interact with them. This time around the guest speakers were Mr. Harsh Neotia (Ambuja Realty), Mr. Aniruddha Lahiri (The Chatterjee Group), Mr. Harsh K Jha (Tata Metalliks), Mr. Jasojit Mukerjea (IMRB Int.) and Ms. Smita Sengupta Das (Deloitte Consultancy). The event was moderated by Mr. Vidur Kapoor, the Chairman of BIBS.

Mr. Neotia, started off the evening with an insight into his long and successful career – the ups and downs he faced in his life. He explained that possessing innovative ideas is not enough; one must also possess the passion and determination to be able to translate ideas into reality. Another point he highlighted was perseverance and never giving up on one’s dreams. “Often in life we are faced with unexpected situations, things happen in life that was not programmed or you are not prepared for, but you need to persevere and improvise according to the circumstances. We need to learn to take life as it comes,” said Mr. Neotia. He linked success with determination and considered humility as one of the important qualities for being a great leader.

Mr. Aniruddha Lahiri took the discussion forward by sharing his valuable inputs on leadership and management. He identified the roots of management in the ancient Sumerian ways of conducting trade and commerce and linked it with the modern concepts of management. “When we talk about leadership let me remind you that it is needed not just at the top management levels but at every level in an organization. One can be a leader anywhere irrespective of one’s position because we are in a world where there are no roadmaps or safety nets and with things changing rapidly organizations need to be revolutionized. It’s not the quantum which maters today but the pace,” explained Mr. Lahiri.

Ms Das steered the conversation towards values and element of success. She explained the values that Deloitte provides to its clients and its importance. She said that in order to be successful one needs to have strength, an understanding of the organization, make conscious and informed choices, be ethical, excited and energetic with constant personal development. This was supplemented by Mr. Harsh’s inputs on integrity and candour as he shared his experience in Tata Metalliks. Mr. Harsh commented, “Our values are the anchors that give us strength in decision making during tough times”. Mr. Mukherjee agreed with the rest of the speakers and spoke on short term monopoly.

The discussion ended with an interactive Question-Answer round where students got a chance to ask questions to the honoured guests. It was an inspirational evening where the speakers shared their experiences and views with the students of BIBS.

- pressreleasepoint