LIFE IN PARK STREET (2011) - A Sneak Peek from Shooting of the Tollywood Bengali Movie

By Aditya Chakraborty

[Bengali Actress Shruti Banerjee]
Newcomer Tollywood Bengali Actress Shruti Banerjee - Life In Park Street

[Debashree Roy - Bengali Film Life At Park Street]
Debasree Roy

[Debashree Roy shooting for Tollywood Bengali Movie Life At Park Street]
Debasree Roy & Others shooting for Life In Park Street. Images © Aditya Chakraborty / WBRi

Calcutta, March 4, 2011 (Washington Bangla Radio) Park Street is a name which every Calcuttan is famous with and it represents the cosmopolitan side of the city. Just like the street has it’s landmarks, restaurants and pubs, at the same time it has a graveyard. There are two sides of life therefore on this street.

The Bengali film Life In Park Street will feature barsingers, gigolos, corporate officers - practically every kind of people we see on this street. No film has been made on such a scale in Tollywood on this diversity before, and Raj Mukherjee who has directed numerous films in the past including Nagordola (Buy Bengali Movie DVD in USA)  is the director of this film. Nagardola starred Rupa Ganguly, Samata Das, Indrani Haldar, Sangeet Bhoumik, Parthasarathi Deb, Moumita Gupta, Krishnokishore Mukherjee, Neel Mukherjee, Anuradha Ray and more and music is by Deepak Chowdhury.

The film stars Soumitra Chatterjee, Debasree Roy, Rajesh Sharma, Shankar Chakrabarty and newcomers Dron Mukherjee and Shruti Banerjee in the lead roles .The film will show two or three stories where the characters are connected and related to each other though the film is definitely different from other films of it’s nature like Life in a Metro etc. Anurag Basu's 2007 Bollywood Hindi flick Life In A Metro (DVD) is a journey across three entangled love stories in an urban landscape accustomed to breaking hearts, daring commitments and forcing choices, and stars Dharmendra, Shilpa Shetty, Shiney Ahuja, Sharman Joshi, Kangana Ranaut, Kay Kay Menon, Konkona Sen, Nafisa Ali, Irfan Khan, Vicky Ahuja, Gautam Kapoor, Ashwin Mushran, Nilofar, Rinku Patel, Sagarika and others with music by Pritam.

Another very interesting about this film is that during the climax, a major building is shown to be gutted where one may find similarities with Stephen Court though in this film it is called Vasundhara.

The music is by Subhayu and the singers are Swastika and Sujoy Bhowmick. The film just has a couple of songs. The cinematographer is Sandip Sen and the editor is Tapas Chakrabarty. The film is being produced by Pankaj Agarwal.

The director and the cast met members of the press recently at the Princeton Club where certain scenes of the film were being shot.

Film-maker Raj Mukherjee's prior films include

  • Lakshyaved (2009) - Rachana Banerjee, Sabyasachi Chakravarthy
  • Love Story (2008) - Anshuman, Tapas Pal
  • Malabadal (2001) - Prasenjit Chatterjee, Sanjib Dasgupta
  • Mister Fantoosh (2008) - Prasenjit Chatterjee
  • Mon Amar Sudhu Tomar (2010) - Sujoy, Priyadarshini
  • Nagordola (2005) - Rupa Ganguly, Samata Das