Deven of SAB TV show Mrs Tendulkar has a huge fan following

Mumbai, Mar 01, 2011 (Washington Bangla Radio / PRLog) Remember the dialogue ‘Ram Ram Chote Sarkar’ from the movie Jo Jeeta Wahi Sikandar? Of course we all do! This famous line was made popular by none other than the adorable Gattu of Baa Bahoo aur Baby or we also know him as ‘Kareema’ from the popular sitcom ‘Dekh Bhai Dekh’. Yes, we are talking about the very famous Mrs. Tendulkar aka Deven Bhojani! His fan following is such that people have now started addressing and knowing him as Mrs. Tendulkar from SAB TV’s latest offering, ‘Mrs. Tendulkar’. Such is our favorite Deven Bhojani!

Deven is currently dedicating his time only to SAB TV’s Mrs. Tendulkar, but with his performance he still manages to mesmerize audience. His perfection and professionalism has won many hearts. In fact people who have worked with him in the past, want to work with him for all his shows. There are many examples. One such colleague and a fan of Deven, who started working with him during his Baa Bahu aur Baby days, works with him even for Mrs. Tendulkar. She is the one who knows his character name from his first television show, Tara. She knows what shirt he wore in the movie Jo Jeeta Wohi Sikandar and can also reiterate his famous dialogue, Raam Raam Chote Sarkar just the way he did! She left his management studies and started working with Hats Off Production because it meant she can learn the tricks of the industry from him!

She thinks of him as a true professional, who is very dedicated to his work and gives his 100% when at work. He is one such actor who becomes a part of everyone’s daily life. Though she isn’t a typical fan-follower, who eat-drink-and-breathe their fan, but would love to be besides him or wouldn’t mind a 24 hours of non-stop dose of his performance. Deven also is fond of her and shares a good bond with her.

Deven is truly the one who has his head over shoulder and has no airs about him being a star!
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