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Sumantra Mitra - Apon Mone - Album Cover Sumantra Mitra was born in a musical family in the mid 1960s. His father was an avid listener of Indian Classical Music and his mother, Alpana Mitra, was an accomplished singer and music teacher, she had released her solo album from the then  H.M.V and had sung in Tagore's  dance drama Shyama, Chitrangada and Tasher Desh. She was the music teacher in Gokhale Memorial School and Kamala Girls' School.

Sumantra's parents are the main source of influence. He would like to confesses that during childhood he was extremely reluctant to sit for Rewaj in front of his mother in the initial phase, but started loving it thereafter. Another important association was with a local Dada in his area  - Tabulda, a piano accordion player  who had taken a keen interest in Sumantra and took him to various programs to sing at that early age. But the most significant  influence in Sumantra's career was the association with three great musicians, the Bose brothers, Pundit Kumar Bose, Pundit Jayanta Bose and Debajyoti Bose (Tony). The association of 20 years (and still growing) has forever changed Sumantra's approach to music. He  has tried to learn to appreciate different forms of music, different and various extremely important delicacies and styles of singing. Most importantly Sumantra has listened to quality music from greats of classical field as well as Indian popular music in all forms, yes - the ever popular Hindi and Bengali film and modern music by the greats.

Sumantra Mitra and Amitabh Bachhan
The Bollywood Superstar Amitabh Bachhan (Left) and Sumantra Mitra

After working 20 years Sumantra realized he cannot live without music in a serious manner and he could not do both, so he quit his professional career and now concentrates full-time on music.
Ustad Amjad Ali Khan, Sumantra Mitra and others
Ustad Amjad Ali Khan, Sumantra Mitra and others

Sumantra's tutors are his mother Smt Alpana Mitra, Late Tabul Mitra, Pundit Jayanta Bose and Pundit Kumar Bose. Although many who listened to Sumantra's songs have stated that he should sing and do nothing else, Sumantra does not consider himself as successful as he has miles to go and has just started walking.

Sumantra's wife is the house manager and they have a 9 year old daughter, Hia,who studies in the 4th Grade in Mahadevi Birla Girls' school and has a deep interest in music.

Music to Sumantra is a form of expression, expression of every emotion. Sumantra believes he does not qualify for sending or conveying any messages for upcoming artistes nor does he intend to do so. Sumantra composes tunes and sings absolutely for musical sense. He is extremely glad if people like it and he welcomes every criticism which makes him rectify any errors which he may have made. Yes - he is very careful about the lyrics he uses. He  is extremely blessed and fortunate that folks like Rituparno Ghosh - the great director,  Anindyo Chattopadhyay (Chandrabindoo) and Souvik Mishra have penned the lyrics of his album.

Sumantra Mitra - Apon Mone

"Apon Moné" is Sumantra's debut album, published by P&M Records, Kolkata.

Exclusive WBRi Kolkata Radio Telephone Interview of Sumantra Mitra
Supratim Sanyal of WBRi recorded this excerpt of a brief Telephone chat with Sumantra Mitra on March 29, 2009, aired on the WBRi Live Bengali Radio Channel before his album was aired on that day. Sumantra talks about his influences, future plans and thoughts on Washington Bangla Radio.

Listen to Previews of Songs from "Apon Mone" by Sumantra Mitra. We are grateful to P&M Records, Kolkata, for permitting us to stream these songs from Washington Bangla Radio.

Sumantra Mitra - Apon Mone

The Kolkata daily newspapers Aajkaal and Bartaman published encouraging reviews of "Apon Mone":

Aajkaal Daily Kolkata News

Aajkaal Daily Kolkata Newspaper - Sumantra Mitra - Apon Mone

Bartaman Daily Newspaper in Kolkata

The Kolkata daily newspaper Bartaman was the first newspaper to publish a review of Sumantra's album "Apon Mone" on October 11, 2008:

Sumantra Mitra - Apon Mone - Bartaman Newspaper - Daily News From Kolkata - Review

A Brief Introduction To The Songs in the album "Apon Mone" By Sumantra Mitra

The following section is written by Sumantra Mitra and reproduced from his blog with permission:

"Sei Purono Din | Ganesh Kaku | Din Din

I met Rituparno Ghosh, who needs no introduction, during 1996 and the association and friendship is intact till date. I simply cherish and enjoy whatever little time I get to have an adda with him. During one such occasion, I told him that I had some tunes in mind, but didn't know any lyricists; I asked him if he could help me find one. He said, "Can I try?'' I was pleasantly surprised and replied, "Why not? Let's do it!"

The 3 songs mentioned above were created with his superb lyrical skill. Friends, I am not qualified to assert how great a film maker he is (it would just be a waste of time), but I suppose by now you know that he is also a brilliant lyricist. His recently released Khela and Megh Peoner Deshe in Titli, both superbly sung by Srikanto, is a dazzling testimony.

Apon Moné | Amanush

I used to know a bearded young chap in Scottish College. Our para was nearby, and over the years I have seen him emerge as one of the hottest and brilliant performers of Chandrabindoo. Ladies and Gentleman, please welcome Anindyo Chattopadhyay.

When I approached him to write a couple songs some 3 years ago, he replied in his usual tongue-in-cheek style, "Ranganda, ami nishchoi likhe debo, kintu tomar ja kajer chap tate amar mone hoy na tumi ekhon parbe. Tumi sur duto diye jao, ar tomar studio book kore bolo; ami 7 dine likhe debo.'' Needless to say, he was right; and he has delivered on time despite his extremely busy schedule. Thank you, Anindyo. I am grateful to you.

Chol Jai

This was penned by Tarun Singha, who had almost vanished from the scene; but I made him resurface. I am sure you would love the inherent simplicity in this song.

Bol Kon Suré

This was somewhat hurriedly written by Goutam Nag, the lyricist of Nogor Philomel (way back in 80s). He had to write the song in haste because of my determined persistence and he's still quite upset, as he thinks he needed a bit more time.

Bhola Mon

My main support, Mr. Indrajit Sen (I'd like to write about him separately) has a habit of listening to music regularly; and more importantly, from very uncommon sources. One day, he was listening to this song when I joined him. From then on, I forgot everything and Bhola Mon totally engulfed me! I was completely bowled over by the sheer simplicity of the tune and the magic of the lyrics. I asked him, "Who?" He said (typically), "Tui chinbi na. Shouvik Mishra bole ekjon ache." I said I would die if I couldn't sing this in my album! Indrajitda told me, "Shouvik is an excellent person, but very passionate about his music. So it would not be that easy." When I went to Anindyo to get his lyrics, I told him about this song and mentioned that I was desperate to sing it. Luckily, he said he knew Shouvik and would fix an appointment; and wished me the best. I met Shouvik in his office and found him to be a wonderfully gifted musician and a brilliant, creative person. We chatted for more than an hour and a half. He not only agreed to let me sing the song, but to my utter surprise, also came to the recording and lent his voice in the chorus! How many people in today's world would do this? My salaam to Shouvik.

Ei Gaan Shonate Ese

This semi classical song is very different from the rest of the songs in the album. I have tried to sing it with utmost care, as I know that even a minute slip here and there would raise many eyebrows, as ritualistic true blue classical musicians are extremely pedantic in their rendition. I have done the second cardinal sin as I have penned the lyrics myself! Ki aspordha."

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