Interview | Kajol - Shah Rukh Khan - My Name Is Khan (2010) - MTV Iggy exclusive In the Backseat Of New York Cab

Feb 19, 2010 (Washington Bangla Radio) MTV Iggy has just release more parts of their fascinating exclusive informal Shahrukh Khan - Kajol video interview as SRK and Kajol were riding around a cab in New York City.

This is Kajol's first trip to New York, and Shah Rukh Khan and Kajol managed to give their bodyguards a slip for a little while, and SRK took it upon himself to show Kajol Devgan around the city that never sleeps at night. While being driven around by a hardened New York cab driver, a very informal and casual conversation with the cab driver was recorded by MTV Iggy, who are publishing segments of that wonderful footage in parts. SRK and Kajol are seen in very normal and casual settings, very uncommon for superstars of their stature.

According to reports, their Indian Bollywood Hindi movie "My Name Is Khan" (Blu-Ray DVD) which is in theaters across the globe presently has already broken box-office records set only  few weeks ago by the previous all-time blockbuster - Amir Khan's "3 Idiots". Latest numbers pouring in indicate as much as over $8 million overseas in just the first week.

"My Name Is Khan" is clearly a movie made on somewhat dubious interpretation of what the United States is all about, especially in the post 9-11 era. A classic Bollywood entertainer, the film does poorely in trying to depict serious issues, though it tries hard. Film reviewer Mark Jenkins writes in an excellent review on NPR, "The film was shot partially in the U.S., but also in India, and some scenes meant to be the former are clearly the latter. Similar problems dog the script, which can be ingenious, yet is often detached from American reality ... The story includes barely veiled references to such recent U.S. infamies as Abu Ghraib and the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, handled in a way that suggests only superficial knowledge of them. The movie is most jarringly clueless when depicting African-American Southerners, who seem modeled on minstrel-show stereotypes."

Watch the next part of the interview in the embedded video from MTV Iggy online below. Watch more videos of this interview at MTV Iggy.

MTV IggyShah Rukh Khan & Kajol in the Backseat with MTV Iggy, Part I of 6
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