Indian Lullaby Collection - Vatsalyam: MP3 Songs Download

Indian Bengali Lullabys Childrens Songs Online MP3 DownloadMurali T. V. Manohar: Simply one of the best album in bringing out the Indian lullabies (Predominantly from south india as it is mostly carnatic). Hope there will be another volume of this type soon from Bombay Jayashree and also hope it includes more Hindustani and north indian folklore as well.

Rama Dasu (NJ, USA): An excellent collection of Indian Lullabies. Laali Shri Hayavadana and Ghumer Bodi are simply superb. Tamil song, Kaane Navamaniye is a gimcrack, but okay. My entire family fall asleep, listening to this music, every night. Thanks so much to the singer, Bombay Jayasri.

sagcan (Mississauga, ON, Canada): A beautiful collection of music. I would fall asleep while playing it for my daughter. Lullaby in every language, especially Ghumer Bodi is excellent. The last tamil song is a bit loud, could have gone mild on that one but being a folk song it is still beautiful.

Vatsalyam - Collection Of Traditional Indian Lullabies

   1. Mannupughazh
   2. Jasoda Hari
   3. Omana Tingal Kidavo
   4. Ghumer Boodi
   5. Laali Shri Hayavadana
   6. Jo Jo Raama
   7. Kaane Navamaniye 
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