Mrinal Sen's PADATIK - A Classic Bengali Movie DVD Release with Music by Ananda Shankar - Simi Garewal, Dhritiman Chattejee

PADATIK Bengali MovieAcclaimed director Mrinal Sen cast the beautiful Bollywood heroine Simi Garewal with the sharp and intelligent Dhritiman Chattejee in the 1973 Bengali movie PADATIK.

"Sumit is an ideologue of an extremist left-wing party, and escapes from police custody. Thanks to his party boss Nikhilda’s connections, he gets refuge in the high-rise apartment of a rich divorcee, who works as a high profile executive in an advertising agency. Isolated in his comfortable refuge, Sumit begins to question the actions of his party and its consequences and also develops a somewhat romantic friendship with his benefactress.

This film is considered to be the third film of Mrinal Sen's Calcutta trilogy, the others being Interview (1971 film), and Calcutta 71." - from Wikipedia

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