Winter Film Awards--6th Annual Indie Film Festival, New York City. (February 23rd to March 4th)

The Winter Film Awards, is the New York city's Indie Film Festival which is celebrating the 6th annual event this year. The festival has gained global popularity very rapidly, establishing the festival as a dynamic celebration of emerging filmmakers from all across the globe.The upcoming ten days starting February 23rd to March 4th will be jam-packed with a wide array of screening of films from all over the world, followed by panel discussions and parties. The location of the film screening is at Cinema Village, (22 E 12th Street, New York. NY-10003). The gala event will culminate in a glittering awards ceremony on the 4th of March at the beautiful Club 230Fifth. The Festival will showcase 88 Films from 30 countries. The schedule of events will include All-feature length films, short films,animated films, documentary films, feature films,music video films, web series, student works, NY perspectives, Winter Fear Awards Horror Films and Films made by Women. A special mention to the screening of the Bengali Film in this festival is "Bridge" by Director Amit Ranjan Biswas. The film stars the veteran actor Soumitra Chatterjee. "Bridge" will be screened on 27th February, Monday evening. Be there to experience and celebrate art in cinema.