Bollywood Diaries: Raima Sen Plays a Call Girl Aspiring of Stardom in Indian Cinema (Kolkata Press Meet)

By J P Mandal, WBRINN (

Actress Raima Sen
Raima Sen

Kolkata, Feb 29 (Washington Bangla Radio) - The cast and crew of the Hindi feature film Bollywood Diaries recently visited Kolkata to promote the film. Though director K D Satyam could not attend the press meet in Kolkata, Raima Sen, Asish Vidyarthi and debutante Salim Diwan were present to talk about the movie. The movie deals with dreams of three people from different backgrounds and is inspired from real-life experiences of the director.

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Raima Sen said, “I play a prostitute from the red-light district of Kolkata who dreams of getting into Bollywood. She thinks if Sunny Leone can then why can't she. Whenever she comes to know of a client from Mumbai, she tries to show her acting skill to him in the hope that he will take her to Bollywood.”

Ashish Vidyarthi, Raima Sen and Salim Diwan
Ashish Vidyarthi, Raima Sen and Salim Diwan

About getting into the skin of a prostitute she said, “I play a prostitute but there is not much of bold scenes or sex acts in the movie. I had to get into the body language of a prostitute. I have done such a role before. In addition the directors had their inputs and enacting my character was not too difficult.”

Actress RAIMA SEN (C) WBRi Inc.
Raima Sen

Ashish Vidyarthi said added, “I play a middle-aged man from Bhilai who suddenly decides that he wants to became an actor.  In spite of stiff opposition from his wife the man sets out to make a career in films.”

When asked about the incidence where he nearly got killed while shooting in a river, the powerful character said, “Though I was shooting in a shallow spot of the river I suddenly slipped and started drowning. I completely lost control of myself and for a moment thought I would drown. But one of the policemen on duty there plunged into the river and rescued me. My respect for cops has increased many-fold from that day.”

Debutante Salim Diwan said, “I am very happy to debut in Bollywood. I almost play myself in the film as I am an aspiring actor in the movie as well. There are so many similarities between myself and my character in the script.”

When asked about what inspired him to become an actor, Salim said, “I won a contest which took me to IIFA awards in Dubai where I could watch the film-stars up close. Watching them there inspired me a lot and I decided I would become an actor.”

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