JAB TUM KAHO: Parvin Dabas Travels to Kolkata Blind Date with Bengali Girl Ambalika Sarkar Looking for Love Again

By Sovan Chakraborty, WBRINN (newsdesk.kolkata@washingtonbanglaradio.com)

Ambalika Sarkar

Kolkata, Feb 27 (Washington Bangla Radio) - The Kolkata press meet of latest Bollywood movie ‘Jab Tum Kaho’ saw debutante director Vikram Shankar along with actors Parvin Dabas, Ambalika Sarkar and Shirin Guha talking about the movie and more.

All the unit members of the film in attendance started the evening stating their immense affection for Kolkata and how the City of Joy is an integral part of the film.

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Vikram Shankar said, “The film is about a Delhi guy named Kumar (Parvin Dabas) who broke up with Divya (Shirin Guha) - a Bengali girl. After the break up Kumar set out to find love once again and this time he finds it in yet another Bengali girl named Khushi (Ambalika Sarkar). Kumar travels all the way to Kolkata to meet the girl and what happens next is what the movie is all about. The film has been shot in Delhi, Kolkata and Bengaluru.”

Director Vikram Shankar has worked for Hindi television serials previously. He also debuts in feature films with Jab Tum Kaho.

Shankar said it is more of a journey of a man rather than a story. He wanted to bridge Kolkata and Delhi in a cinematic way with this movie and is very hopeful about his work. He highly appreciated the works of the local artists of the city.

Shirin Guha, Parvin Dabas and Ambalika Sarkar
Shirin Guha, Parvin Dabas and Ambalika Sarkar

He revealed shooting in Kolkata took place in 2014 across places like the Howrah Bridge, Princep Ghat and Babughat among many others. He added that he is going to do a Bengali film very soon. He also talked about the film’s music, calling the music the highlight to the film.

Ambalika Sarkar, who debuts in Bollywood with Jab Tum Kaho, was previously a popular model in Kolkata. Speaking to WBRi, she said she misses Kolkata a lot, as it is her hometown and her family still lives here.

“I like the experience of the making of this film. I was nervous initially and but my director helped me a lot to overcome the difficulties. Overall it was very learning experience. This film will always remain special as it marks my debut in Bollywood.”

Parvin Dabas and Ambalika Sarkar
Ambalika Sarkar and Parvin Dabas shooting for Jab Tum Kaho

Talking of future projects, she said her next project ‘Awesome Mausam’ is coming very soon to theaters. To give 100 percent effort to her work and establish herself as a good actress and cement her position in the industry and make Kolkata proud are her goals. Here's wishing our city girl all the very best for a spectacular career!

Parvin Dabas had started his film career with the much-loved movie ‘Monsoon Wedding’. He has then done meaty roles in big-banner films like ‘The Hero: Love Story of a Spy’, ‘My Name is Khan’, ‘Ragini MMS 2’ and more.

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Parvin Dabas told WBRi, “I liked doing this film as this has a very contemporary story. I play the interesting role of a guy who after his break up gets connected to a girl staying in another city. He travels all the way to the girl's city for a blind date. The present generation will be able to relate to these things very easily and I am sure they will love the movie.”

Ambalika Sarkar,  Parvin Dabas, Shirin Guha and Vikram Shankar
Ambalika Sarkar,  Parvin Dabas, Shirin Guha and Vikram Shankar

When asked about if he believes in the concept of blind dating, Parvin quipped, “No I don’t trust much in the concept of blind dates. I am saying No because I am married now and if I say I do then one can imagine what would happen to me when I get back to home. But yes I did had a a few blind dates when I was single.”

He also said that he likes the people, food, easy going nature and relaxed pace of the city of Kolkata. He also said that he is very keen to work in Bengali cinema.