THE BEST SELLER: Suman Maitra’s New Feature Film on Life in Asia's Largest Red-Light District - Trailer, Poster and Back Story

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Actress Malobika Banerjee
Malobika Banerjee

Kolkata, Feb 26 (Washington Bangla Radio) - After the Bangla movie Doshomi starring Koyel Mallik and Indraneil Sengupta, director Suman Maitra is all set to present audience his next, titled ‘The  Bestseller’. The movie explores the life in red light area of Kolkata. The credit list of the movie features cast and crew from Bengal but the movie has been dubbed in Hindi and will have a national release.

Actress Malobika Banerjee (WBRi File Photo)
Malobika Banerjee (WBRi File Photo)

The Bestseller features a long list of actors which includes Wrishita Mukherjee, Saumen Bhowmik, Tathagata Mukherjee, malobika Banerjee, Amit Saha, Tanmoy Das, Dhurba Debnath, Neha Roy, Arundhuti Mukherjee and Md Zakir. Before the film hits the theaters the cast and crew of the movie came together at a press meet to talk about the movie.

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About the movie director Suman Maitra said, “The film revolves round two sisters belonging to the red light area of Kolkata.  Anu , the elder sister smuggles out the younger one named Ayesha from the brothel when she was twelve years old. Ayesha is placed in a decent family , far away from the dirty world of Red light area. After twelve years Ayesha set out in search of her roots and with the help of her boyfriend Rajat and tracks down Anu. What happens after that comprises of the rest of the story.”

Actress Wrishita Mukherjee
Actress Wrishita Mukherjee

“This movie has a very special kind of treatment and the story will move in a non-linear format. This type of narrative style has not been used much in Bengali movie and the audience will surely love it. Also the content is very bold and strong. We have done a lot of research on the subject and we have portrayed the real world of red light area in the movie. Though there have been lot of movies with red light areas as background but none of them had ever portrayed the life there like the way we have done in this movie.” said the director.

BEST SELLER Bangla Movie Team
BEST SELLER Bangla Movie Film Unit

About his feelings on stepping into the national scenario the director said, "I am really happy that we are finally going for a national release. It took a lot of effort to make things materialize. It always feels great when the hard work and efforts bear fruits. I am very grateful to my producer for being so supportive. I am sure that audience from every corner of the country will be able to relate to it."

Malobika Banerjee, the actress who is one of the busiest in the tinsel town doing more movies than any other lead actor told WBRi, “I play a writer in the movie who sets out in search of her roots. My character is of very sober and educated girl which brings a stark contrast with the characters in the red light area. I represent the brighter side of the society in the movie.”

New Bangla Movie Best Seller Poster
Best Seller: Film Poster

“Initially I did not know which character I would be cast in. Most of the characters which I could fit had many bold sequences. I was very tensed when I read the script thinking over the sequences the actors will be needed to do. But fortunately or unfortunately I got the role who wears clothes all the time unlike my other co-actors.” said Malobika.

New Bangla Movie Best Seller Poster
Best Seller: Film Poster

RJ Rakesh and Pragya considered as Kolkata’s alltime favourite Rj Jodi has given voice-over in the movie. The duo has a lot of fan followers and surely the movie will be a treat for them too.

Produced by Saibal Ganguly the movie opened in theaters today. Watch the new Bangla movie Best Seller full theatrical trailer.