Chinese New Year ushered in delicacies and Dragon Dance

Kolkata, February 21, 2015 (Washington Bangla Radio): Mainland China, one of the more sought after dining destinations of the city, ushered in the Chinese New Year with a decorative traditional Dragon Dance and a re-decorated menu which has been peppered with rare and exotic ingredients by the Master Chefs from China.

Debasish Ghosh, General Manager of the restaurant chain, “As the New Year is an occasion for families to come together, Mainland China incorporates several wholesome elements symbolic of health and prosperity. Long noodles for a long life, leafy greens like Chinese broccoli served whole to wish a long life to parents, fish because the word for fish sounds like the Chinese word for abundance. There are also tastefully prepared dishes to look forward to including Crisp Fried Garlic Mushrooms, Steamed Cottage Cheese Dumplings with Celery, Sliced Chicken with Kaffir Lime, Hunan Style Pickled Ginger Noodles that promises to be a delectable experience”.

                                    Chef Indraneel Bhattacharya

When asked about how similar the celebration of Chinese New year in Kolkata is to China, Debasish Ghosh said, “Though the celebration here does not happen is a scale as large in China, but the Chjinese Community living here celebrates it with full spirit. Even the Kolkattans, who are known for being foodies and love Chinese delicacies digs into them during this time.”

                                         Dragon Dance

According to an ancient Chinese wisdom, “How a year begins is a clue to how it unfolds.” Opting for an auspicious start to the Chinese New Year of the Goat (or the sheep) Mainland China, the flagship brand of Speciality Restaurants, added its own special flavour to the festivities. The fine dining restaurant celebrated “the New Year with the introduction of a special menu peppered with rare and exotic ingredients by the Master Chefs from China. The evening witnessed a colourful Dragon Dance that known to usher in good fortune. Diners were also treated to surprise gifts fished out from Fortune Pots.  

For the year of the goat, the Chinese mention “San-Yang-Kai-Tai” which means “Three goats start fortune.” To ensure continued prosperity in the upcoming year, Mainland China has adorned its outlets with interesting symbols and motifs that spring from millennia of wisdom, legend and mythology. Good luck tapestries, a symbolic drum at the entrance to keep evil spirits at bay, decorative tables with small bowls of assorted dry fruits including sweets, red colored satin are placed at the entrance on which the guests pen down their wishes.