Saswata plays a writer in ‘Icchemotir Gappo’, paired opposite Tanushree for the first time

Latest Bengali film ‘Icchemotir Gappo’ will see Saswata Chatterjee, the most versatile of all actors of the present era, in an entirely never new attire. This time he will be playing a writer named Neel who falls in love with a danseuse.
Tanushree plays the danseuse named Icche and the story revolves round her. While she starts coming closer to Neel, another guy named Bijoy (played by Shaheb Bhattacharya) falls for her. Bijoy is a modern day photographer who wishes to make Icche a big star.
There is many more relationship tales in the story including the complex homosexual relationships.
The film which has been directed by director trio Atanu Hazra, Adinath Das and Koushik Sengupta also stars Paran Bandhopadhaya, Koushik Roy, Bidpta Chakrabarty, Biswanath Basu and others.
The script has been wriiten by Koushik Sen Gupta while the music has been composed by Kalyan Sen Barat.
‘Icchemotir Galpo’ recently launched its trailer which hints the audience about what to expect when it hits the theatres.

Watch the trailer of Icchhemotir Gappo