I felt that no one else than Parambrata would have fit into Aryan Chatterjee’s character : Mahua Chakrabarty

Mahua Chakrabarty is all set for her directorial debut with ‘Glamour ‘which stars Parambrata Chatterjee and Parno Mitra in the lead. The film is a thriller which revolves round the Fashion world and its dark sides. Just before the film’s release, the gorgeous director along with Parambrata turned up at Biker’s Café for a promotional event where she had a candid chat with Washington Bangla Radio correspondence J.P. Mandal. Excerpts:

                                             Mahua Chakrabarty

WBRI: How you came into filmmaking?
Mahua:  I had Film Journalism in my Masters and I joined Oxford Book stores as the National head. After a while I decided to come into filmmaking. It was in the year 2004 when I wrote a story named ‘Din Onte’ (At the end of the day). I took that story to Benu da, (Sabyasach Chakrabarty). He liked the story a lot but suggested me that such a story should not be the debut vehicle of a director. He rather told me to write a story which would have much more mass appeal. I had a long cherished desire to make a sensational thriller based on glamour Industry. A thriller, the turns and twists of which the audience would not be able to predict till the last moment. So after having Benu da’s suggestion I decided to go ahead with such a story and thus the journey of ‘Glamour’ began.

WBRi: What make you chose Parambrata as the lead?
Mahua:  I started writing it keeping Parambrata in mind as Aryan Chatterjee. Because I felt that no one else than Parambrata would have fit into Aryan Chatterjee’s character.  Another factor for which I chose Param was that he being a director himself would be a great help to me in executing the film in a better way. And he did make a lot of contributions to the film’s aesthetics and execution.

WBRi: You are portraying the fashion world of Kolkata which is said to be quite lagging from other cities of India. What is your take on that?

Mahua:  I actually do not think that Kolkata is lagging behind in Fashion industry. It is a very fashionable city. The famous old saying, ‘What Kolkata thinks today India thinks tomorrow’  is still true for this city. We, the Kolkatatans are really the pioneers when it comes to concept and planning but Mumbai executes those before as they have much more resources. But in no way Kolkata is lagging behind when it comes to talent pool and concepts.

WBRi: What does ‘Glamour ‘deal with?

Mahua: Though I cannot reveal much about the film, I can say that this film revolves around the character of Parambrata who is the Managing director of Glamour Fashion Company.  The film is about the conspiracies against him, the triangular love story he gets involved in and a murder. The rest one have to find out by watching it at the theatre halls.

WBRi:  Tell something about the character of Sabyasachi Chakrabarty.

Mahua: Benu da plays the role of Pinakesh Majumder, a famous criminal lawyer who has been living in the forests for over a decade as he doesn’t like the complexities of city life. Pinakesh Majumder is made to make a comeback to pursue the case of Aryam Muherjee. He will be seen in a lengthy court sequence which has been portrayed in a very unconventional way.

WBRi: Parno Mitra will be seen in a double role for the first time. Please tell us about her two contrasting characters.

Mahua: Parno has portrayed the two characters the best way one can imagine. We all know how good she is as an actor. The two characters were poles apart. In one hand she plays the creative director of a fashion company and there is a very smart and extrovert lady. The other character is of a very ordinary girl who has a small job in media. That girl is no near to be called groomed and doesn’t even take cares of herself.  Parno has handled the conflict between the two characters very well.

WBRi: How the casting of Bangladeshi model Ruhee happened?

Mahua: I met Ruhee a few years back through another person when I had signed a project with Vignesh films. I felt that Ruhee has a very unique appeal as a model. So I had promised her that if I ever make Glamour, she is surely going to be a part of it. I am very happy that I could keep that promise. She plays what she is in real life i.e . a supermodel and she has done it brilliantly.

WBRi: You yourself have dubbed for Ruhee. What made you do that?
Mahua: Yes I have dubbed the voice for Ruhee as I wanted a more profound English a bit heavier voice which Ruhee could not deliver. Moreover he returned to Bangladesh and we did not want to bother her busy schedule. So I decided to go ahead with my own voice for Ruhee’s character. I am very grateful to her for allowing me to dub for her.

WBRi: The title Glamour itself is hinting a very posh look in the movie. So what speciality will be found in costume desgining?

Mahua:  The costume in this film has been taken care of in a very special way. Every individual’s costume was planned very delicately. Though none of the costumes are too revealing, but those are very smart.

WBRi: Please tell us about the research involved.

Mahua: If I tell about the research I made I would have to reveal the story which I cannot do now.  

WBRi: This is a film which has very urban look. How much do you think it will appeal to the semi-urban and rural audience which counts for a large percentage of Bengali film’s viewers.

Mahua:  I don’t think that people differentiate movies in that way. The plot of a movie is the key. Otherwise movies like ‘Fast and furious’ would not be dubbed and distributed every nooks and corners of India. That means audience irrespective of their background understands the story. Glamour is a very gripping tale and I have high hopes that it would be liked by everyone and everywhere 

WBRI: Film making is a demanding profession and a lot of time is needed to be dedicated. It must me very challenging for you to take out time for this profession as you have a family and a kid to look after. What is your mantra of time management?

Mahua: I have a very supporting family. My husband is in a different profession and supports me in whatever I venture. My daughter, though very young, is able to take care of herself. Every member of my family is very contributing. So I am able to take out time for my ventures quite comfortably. I am very thankful to my family members for their support.

WBRi: What is going to be the USP of your debut film Glamour?

Mahua: The Unique Selling Point of this film is going be the double role of Parno Mitra, a firsther career. This movie wil also see the coming back of the beloved Felu da and Topshe combo of Parambrata and Sabyasachi Chakrabarty. Added to that Glamour is the first of its kind thriller in Tollywood.

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