Dalia Basu Saha-Bengali Poetry Recitation (Bangla Kobita Abritti)


Poetry,her first love, has made it possible for her to make an entry in the world of recitation.She accompanies both poetry and recitation in her very own thoughts ,nursing her soul . She plunges into the depths of her own life and the surrounding world mesmerized by the fragrance of poetry. She, Daliya Basu Saha,   an eminent reciter of preset time at home (Kolkata) and abroad, likes to share the pleasure of her endless joy,her innovative performance with her audience.   Dalia has worked in several CDs and Television channels.She has already published her solo albums KOBITA TOMATE AMATE  and  RASTA KARO EKAR NOY along with her duet albums BHARAT TIRTHA  with honorable late Manna Dey (VCD)  and KOBI O KOBITA with Mahidul Islam (from Bangladesh).

Listen to Dalia's favorite poems in her confident voice: