Arjun Rampal – A Victim of Conspiracy

Mumbai, India, February 10, 2014 (Washington Bangla Radio): In Bollywood, the game of Chinese whispers is famed for creating troubles in many a paradise. It’s conspicuous when a person in particular keeps coming up in the news, for more wrong reasons than right. And when a chain of defaming news keeps cropping up, one cannot help but try and catch the real instigator. Going by the news, the latest victim of such conspiracy, is none other than Arjun Rampal. He has seen enough gossip about him, in a short span of time.

First, was the news about LAP, Arjun’s nightclub in Delhi, which was apparently going to be shut down because of ‘unpaid dues’ to the ITDC. The news couldn’t have been more wrong, as not only has Arjun Rampal been prompt in payments, he is also on an expansion mode. The article, which did not have a quote by anyone from ITDC, made baseless claims.

Second, a well known daily sprung an article titled ‘Arjun Rampal beats Hrithik Roshan, wins race at their children's school’. A simple sports day, where dads raced to the cheers of their kids, in all sportsmanship, was turned into a battleground, only because actors were involved. It was a preposterous thing to be escalated.

Then, there are times when some rumours just sprout out, even when the actor is not in the country. Where and how such gossip comes from, is still a mystery. When false news is planted too often to skip one’s notice, it gets everyone wondering if someone has a vested interest in it. It is obvious that Arjun is definitely someone’s target, who is hell-bent on pulling the actor’s name down, but ultimately, truth will prevail.