"DEKHO RE NAYAN MELE" - Anunoy Biswas Raises a Pertinent Social Question (Bangla Movie Review)

Bengali Film Wallpaper (Poster): Dekho Re Nayan Mele

Kolkata, Feb 28, 2013 (Washington Bangla Radio): Does a physically challenged person not have the right to fall in love?

This is the question put forth in Dekho Re Nayan Mele, a film with a social message. Director Anunoy Biswas’s debut film seeks an answer to this question. The film premiered at Gyan Manch on the 24th of February.

The story begins with popular radio host RJ Koli (Writupriya Sarkar) in Kolkata. Having lost her parents at a tender age, Koli lives in a Southern Avenue apartment. Her radio show "Love Story" is a big hit. She interacts with various people of different age groups and counsels them on their love life in her show.

Koli's NRI lover Neel (Arit Mazumdar) betrays her after a ten-year long relationship, cozing up with Ria, a good friend of Koli. A heartbroken Koli quits her job.

During her last show as RJ, Koli finds comfort and support in Abhi (Anup Chakroborty) - a blind writer who is in love with Koli. Koli gradually steps deeper into Abhi’s world of Wordsworth, Keats and Tagore. Their friendship grows and she starts working with an advertising agency.

Neel returns to Koli asking for forgiveness.Watch the film to find out what happens to Koli, Neel and Abhi.

The film songs match the mood. The first song “Hoito Tomari Jonno” is a romantic number. “Tomar ghore bas kore go” has elements of Baul and is pleasant to listen to. “Zindagi” is a sad Hindi song. Saheb Sharma, the blind music director of the film, has done a commendable job in music compilation.

The director has presented a serious issue in an organized manner. Anunoy Biswas handles the theme well in spite of being a first-timer. Some shots like the one of Kolkata from Howrah Bridge and Gariahat to Golaghat to other parts of the city add to the visual appeal.

As far as acting goes, Writupriya Sarkar as Koli has done well as an independent career-oriented modern girl - her emoting powers are strong. Arit Mazumdar as Neel the flirtatious guy mostly does justice to his role, though he completely misses the NRI accent and body-language. Anup Chakraborty as the blind writer Abhi plays the most difficult of the characters, and delivers a powerful and convincing performance.

The editing of the film could have been better. Some dialogues are repeated here and there, disrupting the flow of the film and producing a slightly jarring effect.

The director of photography Rajat Sinha has done a decent job with his lenses. As I said before, his portrayal of Kolkata is a visual delight for lovers of the city.

The film has been produced by Rahul Bagchi and Anunoy Biswas. The casting director of the film is Sanjukta Mukherjee.

On the whole, Dekho Re Nayan Mele is a great first attempt by Anunoy Biswas. Though not at par with those running in multiplexes, it is a good film with its heart at the right place. One should keep in mind the honest short summary of the film: "Its a non-commercial fiction film, based on a love story." 

Dekho Re Nayan Mele (Bengali, 2013)
Release Date February 24, 2013
Genre    Fiction
Studio    Prasad Film Lab
Starring    Writupriya Sarkar, Arit Mazumdar, Anoop Chakraborty, Palak Jaiswal, Anirban Roy, Saptami Haldar
Directed By    Anunoy Biswas
Written By    Anunoy Biswas
Screenplay By    Anunoy Biswas and Soumik Mandal
Produced By    Anunoy Biswas
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- By Priyanka Dutta (newsdesk.kolkata@washingtonbanglaradio.com)