Ram Pyasi's PADMINI Nepali Movie Preview: Return of the Femme Fatale

Nisha Adhikary Poster (Wallpaper)

Kathmandu, Feb 27, 2013 (Washington Bangla Radio): Presented by Basanta K Shrestha under the banner of Ganesh films, Padminee is directed by Ram Pyasi and stars Nisha Adhikari, Sarita Giri, Anil Thapa, Sunil Dutta Pandey and more.

The music director is Chetan Sapkota. Yogendra Shrestha is the action / fight director. Shiva Dhakal is the DoP and Anmol Sharma the Associate Director.

The story starts off with a scenic trekking expedition by buddies. But the plot turns, and the trekking goes all wrong with the first of the murders taking place right in the middle of a hot romantic hug with a knife being stuck into the boy's back by the girl. The second victim appears to be another girl, though she apparently dies after much writhing, the mechanism of the murder is murky.

The murderous woman seems to be very sexy hot and sensuous as well - as is usually the case, serial killers like her are easily and intensely sexually aroused and have the urge to kill after having sex. She indeed is put into an asylum eventually, but the film does not end there.

Maybe Padmini escapes her mental asylum. Violence inside her notches up a few grades, and she starts a reign of terror of killing. Watch the film to see what happens instead of trying to guess at the story based on the trailer.

Watch Padmini (Padminee) Nepali Movie Official Trailer (Youtube)