Shunya: Nepali Film Preview

Shunya (Sunya) Nepali Movie Poster (Wallpaper)

Kathmandu, Feb 26, 2013 (Washington Bangla Radio): The striking Metallica-like guitar arpeggio with spoken thoughts about life, family, friends, college life, romantic love and tears makes the trailer of Anupam Lama's Neplai movie Shunya (Zero) pretty attractive.

The story, script and screenplay are by debutant film-maker Anupam Lama. The story of Sunya is about a college student named Aditya, his family, buddies and his love for a pretty and quiet girl in his class.

Shunya is presented and produced by Digital Cinema Nepal (DCN), DCN, who brought digital film distirbution to Nepal via their UFO Digital Cinema Servers (though they also continue to service all kinds of cinema halls in Nepal, including a little down which has no roads to it so that the reels have to be flown in, per the DCN web-site!).

Sushant Prajapati is the DoP. Sunya is edited by Raju Dhungana.

The music director is Bikash for Silence Entertainment.

Trailer: Shunya (Sunya) Nepali Feature Film