Good Boy - Fight for Right (2013) Bangla Movie Music Release: Story, Wallpaper, Preview, Stills

Bengali film preview: A Still from

Kolkata, Feb 26, 2013 (Washington Bangla Radio): Music from the upcoming Bengali film “Good Boy- Fight for right” was released at New Cinema in the presence of Pijush Saha, B.Agarwal, Bapi Chatterjee, Gurumani Misra and Prodip. The Bengali movie itself is in final stages of post-production and will open in theaters soon.

‘Good Boy’ is decorated with five Bengali film songs. “B.A. noi C.A noi lok” is performed by Robi Chowdhury, “Duba Duba Duba…Dil mora” by Robi Chowdhury and Khushbu Jain, “Tomake ami eto bhalobashi” and “Aayna bole ami se noi re” by Debjit Saha and “Dekh dekh dekh” by Khushbu Jain and Sudeep Tohre.

Bengali film preview: A Still from

The songs are of different kinds. Duba Duba Duba..dil is a romantic number while ‘Dekh Dekh Dekh’ is more of a hip-hop track. There is also a sad song - ‘Aayna bole ami se noi re’.

The star cast includes Rishi, Priya, Ipshita, Sonika, Pintu, Hari and Harihar.

In the story of the new Indian Bangla movie, Hero (Rishi) murders a woman when just a kid because she was in an illicit relationship with his father. He was motivated to kill by a desire of peace in his family. Hero gets convicted and sentenced with nobody aware of the circumstances leading to the crime. Within a short time, his mother dies and his father goes away leaving Hero's young sister Tulsi alone in the house.

Around fifteen years pass by in the plot, and Hero completes his sentence and is released from jail. He quickly learns that his sister Tulsi has already married an industrialist Mihir, and gets himself appointed as a driver of his sister's household. Tulsi, however, has no idea the driver is her brother.

In a Déjà vu situation, Tulsi’s husband tries to kill her with the help of his illicit lover Gayatri. Hero discovers this conspiracy and rescues her sister. It is then Tulsi learns who the driver really is. The film ends happily with Hero succeeding in restoring peace in his sister's life.

Director Jyoti Das has also written the script based on a story by Rina. The Kolkata Bangla movie is produced by Hrudananda Shamal.

Good Boy (2013) New Bangla Film Audio Songs Music Release

The lyrics and dialogue of the film have been penned by Bapi Chatterjee. The DoP is S. Ranjan. Anand and Debraj direct the action sequences and fights. Music has been directed by Baidyanath.

At the audio songs launch event, Bapi Chatterjee (lyricist for the film) urged more people to watch Bengali films. This will increase the interest of producers to invest more money in the Tollywood industry, or else Bengali film industry will lag behind, he said. He expressed optimism about the audience loving the songs in the film.

Good Boy (2013) New Bangla Film Audio Songs Music Release

Debjit Saha (of Sa Re Ga Ma Pa fame), Khushbu Jain, Robi Chowdhury and Sudip have performed songs in the film.

The hero of the film Rishi and the director Jyoti Das were unfortunately not able to attend the music launch event.

Goodboy (Good Boy) Bengali Film Wallpaper (Poster)

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