Bicycle Kick (2013) Bengali Movie on Football Opens in Kolkata

Indian Kolkata Bangla Movie BICYCLE KICK (2013) Release (Wallpaper)

Kolkata, Feb 24, 2013 (Washington Bangla Radio): Joint directorial ventures are in vogue in the Tollywood Kolkata Bangla movie industry these days. The latest film ‘Bicycle Kick’ is also directed by a duo - Sumit Das and Debashish Sen Sharma. The film kicked off it's theatrical run at Priya Cinema Hall in South Kolkata on February 22.

Actress Ridhima Ghosh (Riddhima Ghosh)Bicycle Kick is a film on soccer ("football" in India) starring Sourav (you have seen him before as the kid in the iconic and ahead-of-it's-time Bengali science fiction film ‘Patalghar’), the pretty Bengali actress Ridhima Ghosh (‘Rang Milanti’, ‘Laptop’ - picture at right) and the young talented character actor Ritwick.

The film premiered in a grand way with the cast and crew in a bright evening in Priya right after Damadol.

Super-excited director duo Debashis Sen Sharma and Sumit Das were seen ushering in the guests. Both were wearing traditional ‘punjabis’. Sumit was seen in a yellow outfit while a brick red Punjabi was the choice of Debashish.

Actress Ridhima Ghosh (Riddhima Ghosh)Actress Ridhima Ghosh (Riddhima Ghosh)The hero Sourav was the easiest to spot among the crowd owing to his towering height. He too was wearing a black Punjabi. Just as when one started wondering if traditional dresses were the undeclared dress code for the cast and crew that evening, the striking entry of Riddhima Ghosh proved otherwise (picture at left). Dressed in a hot red western outfit, she immediately grabbed the attention of shutterbugs. She was looking no less than what she is seen describing herself as in the film: a volcano.

Ritwick, who plays Moti Nandi - the onscreen coach of Sourav, was spotted in a white shirt. He was not the only guy in white as Music director Joy Sarkar also appeared in a white outfit. Internationally acclaimed bassist and composer Mainak "Bumpy" Nag also graced the occasion, wearing his trademark hat and scarves.

Before the start of the film the directors introduced the cast and crew to the audience as they assembled on the stage. The directors said they have made this film with great expectations and the unit worked like a family. They also appealed to the audience to watch the movie which has the theme of soccer, the favorite game of Bengalis.

Directors Sumit Das and Debashish Sen Sharma
Directors Sumit Das and Debashish Sen Sharma

The film started with great expectations and by the interval it was clear that the film is not going to disappoint as the plot seemed to be well-woven. The directors seemed to relax a bit by the interval. It was already revealed that Sumit Das has played an interesting cameo. He just laughed away questions on this surprise, adding to the glow of joy on the faces of the two directors.

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