DAMADOL (2013) Lovable Tale of Three Friends: Bangla Movie Review

Damadol Film Unit at Premiere
Priyanka (left), Niharica Raizada, Gunjan and Anindita at premiere of Damadol (Wallpaper)

Kolkata, Feb 24, 2013 (Washington Bangla Radio): After a gloomy spell of poor remakes of Hollywood films and nonsense love stories, a fresh film comes to entertain the Indian Bangla movie audience. Damadol is a loveable story of three friends, their ambitions and their bittersweet relationships with their lady loves.The film, as the title suggests, has a lot of fun and comedy in store.

Aditya (Samadarshi Dutta) is an aspiring director in search of a producer. Aditya is in a secret affair with an air hostess named Ankita  (Anindita). Vk (Rajdeep Gupta) works with a cable TV service provider and is in love with Ria (Priyanka) whose house is served by his cable connection. But VK cannot express his feeling to Ria. Nikhil (Saheb Bhattacharya) is a software engineer and has an urge to marry as soon as possible.

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The three friends are closest of buddies, but also tell little lies to preserve their interests. Things get hot when Nikhil’s wedding is arranged with Ria, VK's sweetheart. Also, VK's claims of a steady relationship with Ria become questionable when it is revealed that VK has never spoken to the girl, and has love poems delivered by a courier.

With wedding arrangements nearing completion, it becomes impossible for Nikhil to call off the marriage. Matters get very complicated as the boys embark on a series of lies to wiggle out of the situation, with every lie needing more innovative lies to back it up.

The film has two climaxes, better described as a climax and an anti-climax. The complications in the romantic affairs of the three boys end in the climax, while the financial crisis in the film sees an anticlimax. The two of them combined is likely to induce stomach pain due to laughing too hard in the audience - the film delivers some of the most genuine and original hilarious situations seen recently.

The three lead youngsters Rajdeep, Samadarshi Dutta and Shaheb Bhattacharya are the souls of the film. One will have a difficult time trying to judge who comes out ahead. After a series of serious roles, Samadarshi has proved his versatility and adaptability into a comic role. Shaheb’s performance is one of his finest yet. His gay act will be remembered for a long time. Rajdeep Gupta delivers a sparkling debut performance and makes the film a wonderful launch-pad for himself.

Powerhouse actor Saswata Chatterjee as the comic Gangster Pappu Bhai is brilliant, with perfect comic timing, body language and versatility.

The ladies in the film support the plot well, but Priyanka is the only one giving the boys a run. Gunjan and Anindita need to substantially improve their diction and body language. They also should feel less intimidated by the camera and act more freely. But we must remember they are debutantes as well and will expect improvement in leaps and bounds in their upcoming appearances.

The other supporting actors fit the bill. Manoj Michigan has done a great job as the director. Some parts of the film will remind you of ‘Dil Chahta hai’ and some will bring back flases of  the ‘Golmaal’ series. To the credit of the director, he leaves one wishing he had included some more comic acts, maybe a few comedy laced action sequences and a couple of comic songs.

The Bengali film songs of Damadol are good but too emotional to fit the genre of the film. Good cinematography by Supriyo Dutta and a classy ‘hard to find faults’ editing by Atish Dey Sarkar are two other positive aspects of the film.

Overall the film is a good entertainer and quite worthy of spending time on. Do not hesitate to buy tickets as a stress busting session is never wastage of money.

P.S. You are wrong if you think this is a ‘popcorn’ entertainer as laughter and popcorn can be injurious to health together, especially to one’s throat. (No harm meant for popcorn outlets, I wish them good luck too.)

- Jyoti Prakash Mandal (jpmandal@washingtonbanglaradio.com)