Bengali Album "Bangaliana" Release

Neel, Suman Chatterjee, Protyush Ghosh, Subhadip Sarkar, Joy, Manisha
Neel, Suman Chatterjee, Protyush Ghosh, Subhadip Sarkar, Joy, Manisha (Picture quality as incoming from the reporter)

Album Launch
Album Launch (Picture quality as incoming from the reporter)

Kolkata, Feb 23, 2013 (Washington Bangla Radio): Rooh Music has been playing a great role in the promotion of both traditional as well as modern music and launched the music album Bangaliana at Press Club on the 19th of February. Rooh Music believes in lighting up darkness has launched this album with the aim of lighting up the lost cultural heritage of the Bengalis.

The music album was launched by Manisha, Pratyush Ghosh (DGM of Metro Railways), Joy, Subhadip Sarkar, Suman Chatterjee and Neel from Eeshan Band. The album consists of seven songs ‘Bangaliana’, ‘Fusion’, ‘Sesh Thikana’, ‘I am a doctor’, ‘Aadhar periye’, ‘Jhinkalika’ and a power ballet version of Bangaliana.

Every song in this album has a different flavor. There is a love song, an item song, a folk song and also a contemporary song. The variety of songs will cater to the tastes of a broad audience.

The music of the album has been composed by Subhadip Sarkar and the lyrics written by Suman Chatterjee. Singers include Sayak, Manisha, Anwesha, Joy, Rupankar and Siddhartha. The chorus consists of Somchanda Bhattacharya and Somlata Acharyya Chowdhury. The musicians who have accompanied the singers are Raja Choudhury on guitar, Babai on rhythm instruments, Bubai on flute, and Bhaskar, who has played as many as four instruments- Sitar, Esraj, Saranagi and Harp.

Present at the launch was Suman Chatterjee who expressed his gratitude to Rooh music for releasing the album. The lyricist felt the songs will strike a chord in the minds of the listeners and they will be able to connect. On being asked about his future projects, he simply smiled and said “I want to write more songs”.

Bangaliana New Bengali Songs CD Album

Subhadip Sarkar, the music director, disclosed his ideas behind the making of this album. He feels that Bengali tradition and culture are fast losing importance. The people of Bengal are merely “Bengalis” in their name but they have adopted the culture of the West. The adoption has been so severe that they are now even forgetting their own cultural heritage. The music director feels it is high time that we try to restore our culture and take pride in it. In this age of Facebook and Twitter, he feels that with the help of this music album he will be at least able to reach out to a section of the society for bringing about some changes.

Bangaliana New Bengali Songs CD Album

Manisha and Joy who have performed songs in this album were proud to be part of the album. They thanked Rooh music for releasing their album which has been waiting release for a long time. On request from the audience present at the Press Club, the singers performed live the song “Sesh Thikana” from the album.

Bangaliana New Bengali Songs CD Album

The music CD will be available online and also at the music stores. Rooh Music does not have a worldwide digital distribution agreement with our online MP3 download store.

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