Shocking Series of Affairs of a Family Exposed: Emotional Atyachar 4

Feb 21, 2013 (Washington Bangla Radio / The best of the best people experience betrayal in love. Similar is the story of our lead Vishal, a young Delhi lad, famous in his neighborhood and very popular among the girls. Being a true Bollywood fan, Vishal decided to join a dance class in the neighborhood that was run by a couple and their three daughters – Radha, Preeti and Rakhi. Radha was the eldest and married, Preeti - the second daughter and Rakhi, the youngest.

The entire family was extremely amicable with Vishal. Earlier, he was attracted to Preeti but her mother told him that Preeti has become wayward, and she was worried that he would suffer if he will get involved with her. Vishal found it weird that Preeti’s mother was talking in a negative way about her own daughter. She then encouraged Vishal to teach English to her youngest daughter Rakhi. While Vishal did that, he got involved with Rakhi emotionally and gradually fell in love. Vishal and Rakhi wanted to keep their relationship under wraps. To do so, they would often use code words to communicate intimate talks. While their relationship was blossoming, there was little scope for suspicion until Vishal heard Rakhi’s mama using the same code words. That’s when tables turned and a shocking case of infidelity came to light! Upon investigating, Vishal found out some of the most appalling truths of that were shocking enough to move his conscience.

So what were these earth-shattering discoveries that Vishal made? How will he confront the most shocking face of cheating and take his revenge? Will there be any more appalling revelations?

To find out the fate of Vishal, tune into ‘Emotional Atyachaar 4’, this Saturday, 23rd February 2013, at 7pm only on bindass.