"Sona Spa" Releases New Trailer

Sona Spa 2013 Hindi Film Poster

A film about hired "sleep workers" who sleep on your behalf so that you don't have to. Baba Dayanand (Naseerddin Shah) runs the Sona Spa ("Sona" is a Hindi word for both Sleep and Gold) for the purpose.

The problem is, if in your dreams, you commit various kinds of crimes, your sleep worker is the eye witness because she has access to your dreams.

Rucha and Ritu are the two sleep workers in Dayanand's setup. They start sleeping on behalf of their clients and in the process live their dreams.

Rucha’s client is Choksi, a rich man looking for sleep and Ritu’s client is a cop disguised  as a head of a company, checking if there is any illegal work going on in ‘Sona Spa’.

The story of Sona Spa makes you wonder - Is too much honesty a dangerous thing?

Can one be told all the secrets of their own life?

How much knowledge about one's life is too much?  

At Makrand Deshpande's Sona Spa, you can buy your sleep!

The expected release date of Sona Spa is March 22. Watch the new trailer released by the producers.

SONA SPA (Hindi Film) Trailer II

Cast & Crew

Cast  :
Naseeruddin Shah As Baba Dayanand
Aahana Kumrah as Ritu
Shruti Vyas as Rucha
Pooja Pradhan as Indira
Nivedita Bhattacharya as Minakshi
Vinit Sharma as Ritu’s father &
Romi Jaispal as Choksi
Crew  :
Producer – Madan Paliwal
Co-Producer - Sonal  Deshpande
Writer & Director – Makrand Deshpande
DOP – Rajeev Jain
Music Director – Shailendra Barve