Bindass Big Switch 4: Raeeszaade on cleanliness drive in Shimla

Bindass Big Switch 4 Raeeszade in Shimla

Shimla, Feb 7, 2013 (Washington Bangla Radio / The Raeeszades were shocked and stunned with the level at which this competition was getting. With always being the ones to spread their own garbage around, cleaning someone else’s garbage from dumpsters was a job below their dignity and ego.

After gauging their success in being the pit crew for the Himalayan Car Rally test drive, our Raeeszade faced their first termination in Big Switch 4.

The necessity list for the Raeeszadeis a never ending one, after sleeping on rocks and waking up to a freezing cold Shimla, the Raeeszade had a shocking day ahead of them for getting another necessity into their tents, “the pillows”. And in order to get this necessity, the Raeeszaade had to fight it out at yet another job at hand. More than body aches; the psychological switch to making themselves actually do the jobs was getting more and more difficult. Big Brother revealed that their job for the day was supposed to make the clean and green Shimla even more beautiful by a garbage pick-up job!

Back at the base camp, after 30 days of grilling jobs, the Raeeszade finally were having fun with games and interesting conversations. In order to have love out in the open air for Valentine’s day, Big Brother played a game with the contestants asking each other questions from their hearts. But the laughter was short lived. The game was getting manipulative and personal with few contestants being uncomfortable. Is a fun intended game going to be a fire starter between Young Khalifas and the Mumbai Showstoppers? While, Mehek and Abhimanyu, were tested on their skills to fix a bike,a failed attempt could leave the Chandigarh Chillers to be the three musketeers or a strong Abhimanyu out of the Bombay league.

Who do you think loses out on the battle for India’s toughest Raeeszaade? Do the Young Khalifas and Mumbai Showstoppers get into a brawl? To find out tune in to Big Switch 4 only on bindass, this Sun, 10th February 2013, at 7pm.