Asian Star Radio UK to Launch New Bally Sagoo Album "Future Shock"

Bally Sagoo New Album Launch by Asian Star Radio UK

London, UK, Feb 18, 2013 (Washington Bangla Radio): Asian Star Radio have teamed up with the legendary Bally Sagoo as the official radio station to break in his new album.

The event offers an exciting opportunity to meet and greet the amazing producer in the Observatory Shopping Centre Slough.

The South-Asia oriented radio station will have Bally Sagoo exclusively chatting with Kavita about his new releaseas well as what else he's been up to.

Listeners will have an opportunity to meet the man in person for pictures and autographs.

Bally Sagoo is a British-Indian music Producer and Artist based in Birmingham, UK and has a satellite studio in Mumbai, India. He has been active in the recording and entertainment industries since 1989. His signature style fuses elements of western beats with traditional flavors from the Indian subcontinent and they attract a truly global audience. Widely recognized as the founder of the modern UK Indian-Asian music scene, he is the producer of numerous platinum selling albums and the mastermind behind songs and remixes that are held throughout the industry as standard bearers for the genre. He remains a potent force in the music business and is currently the figurehead of a new UK and Belgium based entertainment company called Fresh Dope Industries (Wikipedia).

Dont miss out on this: Wednesday 20th Feb at 6pm Asian Star studio's The Obervatory Shopping Centre High St Slough.

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