3G (Hindi Film) Reveals Killer Connection

Neil Nitin Mukesh and Sonal Chauhan

Mumbai, Feb 18, 2013 (Washington Bangla Radio): The story of 3G is based on EVP / "Phone Calls From The Dead" supernatural paranormal phenomena.

Eros International and Next Gen Films showcased the first trailer and song ‘Kaise Bataoon’ of their psychological thriller 3G at a popular suburban multiplex on 15th of February 2013 in the presence of producer Viki Rajani, directors Sheershak and Shantanu and leads Neil Nitin Mukesh and Sonal Chauhan.

Based on the theme of  "phantom calls", 3G takes its audiences through the nightmarish story of a couple, Sam and Sheena, who become victims of a series of events when Sam buys a 3G enabled phone while holidaying in the Fiji Islands.

Talking about the film, says producer Viki Rajani “The film is unconventional in what it’s trying to address – technology is a part of our lives, the film questions what happens when technology wants to take our lives.. 3G is a story of the unknown and with the film audiences should get ready for the killer connection”.

Add directors Sheershak & Shantanu, “3G embodies the horror of a recurring nightmare that draws inspiration from the insecurities of modern life.We shot at the picturesque Fiji Islands which lent itself as the ideal background to the film .We are lucky to be associated with Eros and NextGen and very excited to receive feedback on the trailer”.

Talking about his role in the film says lead Neil Nitin Mukesh, “I think 3G is a very interesting concept. But I will also have to say it’s not just technology driven and has the right amount of thrill and horror."

To add more flavor to the event, Sonal and Neil enacted the interesting scene form the movie especially for the media where Neil rescued Sonal who was trapped behind a life-size mobile.

Watch the Kaise Bataun (Kaise Bataoon) Video Song from 3G (Youtube).

Produced by Next Gen Films and Presented by Eros International, the psychological thriller starring Neil Nitin Mukesh and Sonal Chauhan is scheduled to release 15th March 2013.