Loveria (2013) Bengali Movie Review

Pooja Bose - Soham in LOVERIA Kolkata Bangla Movie

Kolkata, Feb 16, 2013 (Washington Bangla Radio): After the success of Dev and Pooja Bose starrer ‘Challenge 2’, Indian Bangla movie director Raja Chanda's new romantic comedy opened in theaters Friday featuring a Soham and Pooja Bose in the lead, portraying a story of a rich girl falling in love with a poor boy. This is the first time Soham and Pooja appear in a film.

Sweety (Pooja) is the pampered daughter of millionare Shantilal (Rajatava Dutta), while Aditya (Sohom) comes from a very ordinary family and his dad is an  employee in Shantilal’s company. A gang of goons sent by Sweety beat up Aditya. After recovering from injuries, Aditya finds that he was just the wrong man and the target of the assault was someone else. A series of events follows, including Aditya’s war of words with Sweety’s mother and Sweety’s attempt to shoot Aditya, and the hatred between Aditya and Sweety turns into love. As the news of their affair reaches Sweety’s father, he protests strongly and even beats up Aditya’s dad. Aditya vows to get back at Shantilal within six months. The rest of the film is about how Aditya uses different strategies to accomplish his goal. Aditya instigates a raid by the income tax department at the house of Shantilal, digs up his past and brings the ‘other’ wife and son of Shantilal into the scene and even fools Shantilal into spending a huge amount on a useless piece land.

The final action sequence may come across as a bit forced as unnecessary to some viewers. The director leaves some aspects open, like the fate of the other family of Shantilal.

Soham and Rajatava Dutta anchor the film well. Soham breaks free from serious roles and looks good in comedy situations. Pooja again fails to impress with acting but her smile and looks will take care her fan bank. Rajatava, as always, knows how to balance comedy, villainous and tragic characters as needed for his role.

Unfortunately, the on-screen chemistry between Sohom and Pooja never gels well. It may be argued that Soham paired far better with Mimi Chakrabarty in ‘Bojhena Se Bojhena’ and with Koel in ‘Janeman’.

There are four songs in the film and none of them situational. The scenic beauty captured in the last song (Oh shona..) stands out. All the four songs are of different genres and the variation is refreshing.

Samidh as the music director of the film does well. But more interesting was his acting cameo as the matchmaker. He seems to have the potential to carry bigger and more important roles, preferably with a comic touch.

A Valentine’s Day / Saraswati Puja release of Loveria, the catchy title and the romantic story should make the film click at the box office with adequate, but not spectacular, success.

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- Jyoti Prakash Mandal (